Tony Curcio, Student Financial Services

Darwin’s coffee shop is a great little spot off the beaten path with awesome coffee, pastries, and bagels from a wonderful local bakery (Iggy’s). Seating is limited but very conducive to conversation. They also have a small attached store which sells a wide selection of interesting sandwiches as well as local beer and wine.

Sam Parker, Dean of Students Office

High Rise Bread Company is a local, family owned bakery near Harvard Law School’s campus. It is the best place to grab breakfast or a cup of coffee when the weather is nice out. Grab your drink or snack of choice and sit outside on the patio.

Catherine Pattanayak ’04, Office of Public Interest Advising

Although I consume somewhere between 3-4 cups of coffee a day, my favorite place for a hot drink in Cambridge is L.A. Burdick’s.  Their hot chocolate is amazing any time of year, but particularly wonderful during the winter months in Boston.

Da Lin ’13, Climenko Fellow, Lecturer on Law

L.A. Burdick serves coffee, but its rich hot chocolate is the real draw. The cafe is cozy and cheerful — a good place to read or meet up with friends during the Cambridge winters.

Robert Mahari ’21

Cafe Pamplona is a quiet hole-in-the wall coffee shop in Harvard Square – the type of place you’ll hardly find unless you know it exists. With five times as many coffee drink options as chairs (and free wifi) this is easily my favorite spot to get off campus, study, and ponder.

Ope Adebanjo ’20

I love Tatte in Harvard Square because of its stunning interior design, delicious French pastries and drinks, and central location. I am often tempted to stop by for their addictive individual portion cheesecakes.

Danielle Moody ’19

Bourbon Coffee in Porter Square is great because there is plenty of seating and lots of delicious food and drink options.

Josh Mathew ’19

If I’m studying at Langdell Library, I’ll hop over to the Clover in the Harvard Science Center. The coffee is tasty, and the staff is really friendly. If I’m working from home near Porter Square, I’ll head to Forge Bakery in Somerville. I’m a sucker for their cardamom coffee, and the whole place smells of fresh bread.

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