Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD

Branch/MOS: Air Force, 1N0 (Operations Intelligence)

Rank: Staff Sergeant

What motivated you to apply to HLS?

The opportunities available at HLS are unmatched. I was specifically drawn to the school’s clinical options, and I am currently in my third semester of participating in clinics.

What concerns were on your mind when you applied to HLS?

When I applied to HLS, I was already several years out of undergrad, so I was concerned that I would not be accepted and would feel compelled to wait another year and apply again.

Looking back, what advice would you give yourself now?

I would tell myself that HLS is worth the wait, whether you’re coming straight from undergrad (a “K-JD”) or whether you’re four, six, or ten years out of undergrad.

What were you concerned about after being accepted to HLS?

I have continued my service as a traditional reservist throughout law school, so I was concerned about balancing that commitment with law school.

How has being a student at HLS addressed those concerns?

My squadron has been very supportive, and our leadership is proud that one of their airmen is an HLS student!

How has your military experience helped you at HLS?

Being trained to think in terms of estimative probability rather than absolutes is consistent with the precision of “thinking like a lawyer” and the need to consider different possibilities—as lawyers often say, “It depends!” Additionally, the Post-9/11 GI Bill has helped me finance my legal education, and the fact that I will not be graduating with six figures of student debt will allow me to pursue the career of my dreams, which is why I chose to attend Harvard in the first place.

Contact the J.D. Admissions Office

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