The HLS J.D. Admissions team recently wrapped up a busy and eventful outreach season full of both in-person and virtual programming for prospective applicants. In Fall 2023, our team traveled to new college campuses, joined a range of fairs and forums, organized dozes of online sessions, and met thousands of future law students. With recruitment season at a close, we thought it would fun to recap our busy fall. You can find a current listing of all our recent and upcoming programming for prospective applicants on our Connect with Admissions webpage. You might say this is our attempt at a Spotify Wrapped—let’s call it 2023 Wrapped: J.D. Admissions Prospective Student Outreach.

2023 was marked by our robust return to in-person prospective student programming. We welcomed hundreds of future applicants students to Harvard Law School’s campus, and we visited thousands of prospective students on their college campuses. It was our busiest year ever for in-person prospective student programming—we hosted over 130 unique in-person events!

Let’s dive a bit deeper into these numbers.

2023 In-Person Recruitment Events

By Location:

We traveled to 23 states and 2 countries. Our team visited two new locations for the first time in over a decade: Kentucky and the United Kingdom.

By Event Type:

We hosted several different types of in-person events. These included On-Campus Information Sessions, a Military Prospective Students Day (our first since 2019!), a Live Podcast Tour, Joint Degree Events, University Visits, Small Group Sessions, Forums, and Conferences. The most popular type of in-person events was…University Visits! We traveled to 89 university and college campuses.

By Volume:

Across our 11 highest-attended in-person events, we met with over 1,200 students. The Harvard Graduate Joint Degree Information Session, with HLS, HKS, and HBS, had the highest in-person turnout with 274 students in attendance. Our highest-attended university visit was our joint-YLS event at the University of Chicago.

2023 Virtual Recruitment Events

New Events:

We innovated new ways for prospective students to connect with current students who share similar backgrounds as them. These fun and interactive events included Student Experience Webinars and Affinity Group Events. We hosted 9 Student Experience Webinars and 12 Affinity Group events.

By Event Type:

Like our in-person recruitment, we engaged with prospective students through a variety of platforms. Our virtual recruitment efforts included J.D. Admissions Q&A Sessions, Student Experience Webinars, Affinity Organization hang outs, the Break Into Law Conference, LSAC Digital Law School Forums, Joint Degree Events, and Virtual University Visits. Our most popular event type was our 12 events with HLS Affinity Groups, which included student hang outs with APALSA, DLSA, Lambda & QTPOC, HALA, First Class, CISGA, SALSA, La Alianza, MENALSA, NALSA, HBLSA, and WLA.

By Volume:

Virtual events continue to be the most popular way for prospective students to engage with our office. Across our ten highest-attended virtual events, we met with over 3,000 students. The LSAC Digital Law School Forums yielded our highest turn out, with 494 attendees logging on in October and 439 in November. Our September J.D. Admissions Q&A Session was our most well-attended of the six sessions we hosted this fall.

Whether we visited your college campus or chatted with you over Zoom, we wish you all the best with your application!

Please find our complete list of events below.

  • In-Person Forums and Panels

    2023 Harvard Graduate School Information Session
    BU Summer Pre-Law Academy
    Berkeley Pre-Law Evening
    Boston Law Fair
    Leadership Brainery Graduate School Summit
    National Black Pre-Law Conference and Fair
    National HBCU Pre-Law Summit
    Service to School Vetlink Summit – Law School Panel
    Sullivan & Cromwell Law School Admissions Panel
    Summer Pre-Law Achievers Network Admissions Panel

  • Virtual Forums and Panels

    2023 Break Into Law Conference
    Fighting for Fairness Panel Discussion
    Harvard Joint Degree Information Session (HBS/HLS)
    Harvard Summer School Graduate School Panel
    LEDA Legal Admissions Fair
    LSAC Digital Law School Forum
    LSAC Digital Law School Forum
    Preparing for the 2022–23 Law School Application Cycle Webinar
    SEO Law Catalyst Resume and Letters of Recommendation Panel
    SEO Law Catalyst Virtual Law School Tours 2023
    Service to School HLS & YLS Prospective Students Information Session
    Truman Scholars Meet the Law School Admissions Officers
    UCLA Law School Planning: Meet Law School Admissions Panel
    York University Law & Society Students Association: US Law School Showcase

  • Live Podcast Tour

    Navigating Law School Admissions: Live in Boston
    Navigating Law School Admissions: Live in Los Angeles
    Navigating Law School Admissions: Live in Seattle
    Navigating Law School Admissions: Live in New York City

  • On-Campus Information Sessions

    Friday, August 11
    Friday, September 15
    Friday, November 3
    Friday, December 1

  • Online Information Sessions: Affinity Group Events

    Meet HLS DLSA
    Meet HLS Lambda & QTPOC
    Meet HLS HALA
    Meet HLS First Class
    Meet HLS CISGA
    Meet HLS SALSA
    Meet HLS La Alianza
    Meet HLS NALSA
    Meet HBLSA
    Meet HLS WLA

  • In-Person Small Group Sessions

    Harvard Undergraduate Law Review Fireside Chat
    HGSE Student Law Society
    Black Pre-Law Society at Duke
    Cornell International Affairs Review
    Cornell Kappa Alpha Pi & Phi Alpha Delta
    Cornell Latinx Association of Pre-Laws
    Dartmouth Minority Pre-Law Association
    Dartmouth Women in Law and Government                              Emory Mock Trial
    Johns Hopkins Model United Nations Q&A
    Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Law Review Q&A
    Morehouse Moot Court
    Northeastern University PAD Written Statement Workshop
    Spelman Speech & Debate
    Syracuse Student Veterans Organization
    Black Undergraduate Law Society
    Dartmouth First-Generation Office
    Dartmouth Native American Program
    Duke University Native American/Indigenous Student Alliance
    Pre-Law Society of Arizona State University
    Tulane University Phi Alpha Delta
    UGA Demosthenian Literary Society
    UGA Mock Trial
    UNC Black Student Movement & Black Pre-Law Association
    University of Alabama Legal Research Club
    University of Maryland Undergraduate Student Legal Aid Office
    University of Virginia Jefferson Society
    UPenn Black Pre-Law Association
    Vanderbilt University NBLSA
    Xavier University of Louisiana Pre-Law Club                    Georgetown Scholars Program
    LEDA Scholars Personal Statement Workshop
    Q&A with Delta Scholars
    Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus Navigating the Law School Admissions Process

  • Virtual Small Group Sessions

    Cornell Black Ivy Pre-Law Society Q&A
    Cornerstone Research Q&A
    Senate Black Legislative Staff Caucus Navigating the Law School Admissions Process
    University of Houston Pre-Law Society Q&A Session

  • In-Person University Visits

    Amherst College
    Arizona State University
    Barnard College
    Bates College
    Baylor University
    Bellarmine University
    Belmont University
    Boston College
    Boston University
    Bowdoin College
    Brandeis University
    Brigham Young University
    Brown University
    Colby College
    Colgate University
    College of William and Mary
    Columbia University
    Cornell University
    CUNY Hunter College
    Dartmouth College
    Dillard University
    Duke University
    Emory University
    Fisk University
    Fordham College – Lincoln Center
    Georgetown University
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Georgia State University
    Hamilton College
    Hampton University
    Harvard College Law School Essay Workshop
    Haverford College/Bryn Mawr College
    Johns Hopkins University Information Session
    Johns Hopkins University Law School Essay Workshop
    Kenyon College
    London School of Economics
    Louisiana State University
    Morehouse, Spelman, & Clark Atlanta
    Mount Holyoke College
    New York University
    North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
    North Carolina Central University
    North Carolina State University
    Northeastern University
    Northwestern University
    Princeton University
    Rice University
    Rutgers University
    Smith College
    Southern Methodist University
    St. John’s College
    Swarthmore College
    Syracuse University
    Temple University
    Tennessee State University
    Texas A&M University
    The Ohio State University
    The University of Arizona
    Tufts University
    Tuskegee University
    University College London
    University of Alabama
    University of Cambridge
    University of Chicago
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Georgia
    University of Kentucky
    University of Maryland
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    University of Oxford
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Texas at Austin
    University of Utah
    University of Virginia
    Utah Valley University
    Vanderbilt University
    Villanova University
    Wellesley College
    Western Kentucky University
    Yale University

  • Virtual University Visits

    Harvard College Law School Night
    Howard University Q&A Session
    Oklahoma State University & University of Oklahoma Q&A Session
    University of Louisville Q&A Session
    University of Michigan Q&A Session
    University of Notre Dame Q&A Session
    Washington University in St. Louis Q&A Session

  • J.D. Admissions Q&A Sessions

    Thursday, September 21

    Thursday, October 5

    Thursday, October 19

    Thursday, November 2

    Thursday, November 16

    Thursday, December 7


  • Student Experience Webinars

    Applying to HLS From Canada
    Applying to HLS From HBCUs
    Applying to HLS From Liberal Arts Colleges
    Applying to HLS From the Midwest
    Applying to HLS From the Northeast
    Applying to HLS From the Southeast
    Applying to HLS From the Southwest
    Applying to HLS From the West
    Applying to HLS with Military Experience

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