It is only July, but our team is already looking ahead to the upcoming cycle, and we suspect you may be, too.

The HLS J.D. Admissions Office is constantly seeking to improve our work and the experience of our applicants. In that spirit, we are trying something different this year. In order to help you better plan your application cycle, we are releasing the three dates when we plan to accept applicants.

Here is our expected timeline for the 2019–2020 regular J.D. cycle:

September 16:  Application Opens

November 1 (approximate):  First Interview Invites Released

December 16:  First Round of Acceptances

February 3:  Application Deadline

February 10:  Second Round of Acceptances

February 28:  Application Closes

March 5–7:  Admitted Students Weekend & HLS Intersections

March 16:  Third Round of Acceptances

April 16–18:  Admitted Students Weekend & HLS Intersections

May 1:  Deadline to Accept Offer of Admission

As in years past, we do encourage you to apply early (prior to December 1). You can read more about the benefits of applying early on our blog, along with application tips and advice (with more coming soon). You may find our FAQs helpful as well. And please follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay connected with us and learn more about HLS.

We cannot wait to read your applications. Have a wonderful summer!

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