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Monday, October 26, 2015
6:00 – 9:00 PM
Milstein East

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Masterclass is a program and cocktail reception that will give you concrete tools to use during law firm receptions. Networking is a fact of life in the legal field and much of your career will rely on strong relationships. As early as 1L year, law firms will host receptions which present an early opportunity to develop new connections and learn more about the profession.Masterclass will provide you with a concrete, step-by-step approach to making a great impression at a professional cocktail reception. After the program, you will get the opportunity to put what you have learned into action by navigating an actual cocktail reception with attorneys from prominent firms around the country.


The program will consist of an hour-long workshop (6-7pm; check-in starts @ 5:30pm) that will provide a how-to on gracefully navigating any reception. The speaker is Mary Crane, a lawyer and well-known speaker on professional development topics.  She is the author of the “1oo Things You Need to Know” book series, which includes installments such as “Networking for Students & New Professionals” and “Business Etiquette for Students & New Professionals.”

The workshop will be followed by a cocktail meet-and-greet (7-9pm) where you’ll be able to apply your new skills while navigating an actual cocktail reception with attorneys from prominent law firms from around the country. The skills you’ll learn at this event will increase your likelihood of success during your job search – now and during the winter.

What Law Firms Are Attending?

Masterclass FAQs

  • What should I wear to Masterclass?

    Business casual attire is requested. Business casual includes a range of clothing, but it typically involves slacks or a suit-type skirt, along with a button-down shirt or nice sweater. The attorneys that you will be meeting with might be in suits themselves, so you can always dress more formally than the dress code requires, but do not dress too casually (no jeans!)

  • Should I bring my resume to Masterclass?

    No- employers will not be collecting resumes at this event. Leave them at home.

  • I have another commitment before Masterclass. Is it okay to arrive late?

    Although we are expecting students to arrive on time for the 6pm program (check-in begins at 5:30pm), we understand that this might not be possible for everyone. If you need to arrive late, please note this when you RSVP or send an email to

  • I'm not interested in working at a law firm. Should I still attend Masterclass?

    YES- the skills you will learn and then practice at the reception are important no matter what career path you choose. Networking plays a very large role in every type of job search.