The Office of Career Services has a dedicated room and equipment available for video conference interviews between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST. Please follow the steps below to arrange a video conference interview.

Step 1: Coordinate the interview time and date between parties.

  • When scheduling a time to interview a student, provide at least two time options, in the event that the space is booked during your first choice of time.
  • Note the expected duration of the interview.
  • Know the student’s contact information – phone and email address.

Step 2: Get technical details.

  • Identify the IT contact person for your firm/organization. (name, phone, and email)
  • Establish if your organizations will use an IP or ISDN connection.

Step 3: Submit your request.

  • Download and complete a Video Conference Request Form, and return it in by¬†email to Cassie Filios at
  • You will receive confirmation that your requested or alternate time is available.
  • Cassie will coordinate with your IT contact to finalize technical details, including a test call that should take place before the interview date.

Important to remember:
The videoconference room is located within the OCS office suite; students should be instructed to check in at the OCS front desk prior to their scheduled video conference interview in order to gain access to the conference room.