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Fall Private Sector interviews are an opportunity for small- to mid-sized private sector employers to interview 2Ls for 2018 summer employment opportunities and 3Ls for permanent post-graduate positions in 2018. As with all recruitment programs administered by the HLS Office of Career Services, pre-screening is not permitted. After students apply to interview with participating employers, a lottery assignment system is used to schedule  interviews.

Interviews take place Monday, September 18 to Friday, September 22, 2017, between 9 am and 7 pm on the Harvard Law School campus.

General Information

  • Registration Options
    Your organization can register for an interview schedule or resume collection.
  • Interview Duration
    An interview schedule consists of either 20 interviews lasting 20 minutes each or 13 interviews lasting 30 minutes each.
  • Callback or Second Round Interviews
    There is no designated callback period; callback interviews should be scheduled directly with students and should not conflict with their obligations to attend their HLS classes.
  • Offers
    Offers should remain open for at least 28 days following date of the offer or until December 30, whichever comes first. Students should reaffirm interest within 14 days from the date of the offer letter if so requested in the offer letter. Employers may retract any offer not reaffirmed within the 14-day period.


  • The registration fee for the first interview schedule is $250, with no fee for additional schedules.
  • Interview rooms are reserved by OCS and provided at no cost to employers.
  • There is no fee for resume collections.

For more information about recruitment program options, please visit our OCI Program Comparison webpage.

Important Dates



August 1 Interview dates released to employers with complete registrations.
September 1 Employer registration period closes.
September 5 to 12 Students bid/apply for interviews.
September 5 to 18 Students bid for FIP resume collections.
September 12 to 14 Employers review number of bids submitted by students and confirm participation in the program.
September 14 Interview schedules & resumes released to participating employers.
September 18 to 22 Interviews
September 18 Resumes released to employers participating in the FIP Resume Collection.

Planning Your Stay

There are many fine hotels in close proximity to Harvard Law School from which to choose. Please consider some of the establishments detailed below.

Recruitment Policies

HLS maintains a strict no-prescreening policy, which means employers are not permitted to ask for resumes or transcripts in order to select students for interviews. Interviews are assigned by a lottery designed to maximize opportunities for both employers and students. Students can be asked to bring additional application documents (transcript & writing sample) to the interview. Cover letters requests are not accepted.

All employers participating in FIP will be expected to comply with Harvard Law School’s Recruitment Policies and NALP Timing Guidelines.


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