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Choice of 1L Summer Job for Later Clerkship

February 4, 2016

Does your choice of a job for next summer have much impact on a later judicial clerkship search? The short answer is no.

Don’t forget the HLS Job Bank

February 4, 2016

Does a legal internship in Korea, China or North Africa interest you? What about working for the NFL, NBA or MLB?

Big Law Lateral Hiring in 2015 Highest Since Pre-Recession

February 4, 2016

Last year was the strongest year since 2009 for lateral partner moves at big law firms according to a recent report by AmLaw.

The 1L Summer Job Search

As you consider summer employment as a 1L, here are some resources to assist you with your private sector job search.

Keep in mind that the majority of 1Ls do public interest work during their first summer. You also may want to consider public sector work opportunities, especially if you plan on working in the private sector during your 2L summer. Working in the public sector will provide you with an important career data point and experience and will not impact your marketability with private sector employers for your 2L summer.

The 2L/3L Job Search

If you are still looking for private sector summer employment as a 2L or post-graduate employment as a 3L, there are still opportunities out there for you. Start by making an appointment with an OCS advisor and reviewing this step-by-step guide:

5 Steps to Finding a Job After EIP