To learn about the 2014 Performance Management process, please review Marie Bowen’s all Law School Staff memo.


Marie Bowen, Kathryn Beaudry, Bonnie Matthews, Katie Grinna, and Joei Marshall Perry are available to consult with you throughout this process if you have any questions.


Three forms are available this year to assist managers and employees in preparing for and documenting individual performance feedback discussions.

2013-2014 Performance Review and Discussion Preparation Tool2013-2014 Performance Review and Discussion Preparation Tool 

This is an optional form that all staff members (including managerial staff) may use to prepare for their performance discussion with their manager. Use this preparation tool to:

  • Identify any changes to your job duties during the review period;
  • Review accomplishments and achievement of goals;
  • Draft a brief set of questions for reference in your performance discussion; and
  • Prepare proposed development goals.

2013-2014 Performance Development Form2013-2014 Performance Development Form

This form is to be completed by all managers for each direct report.

2014 Interim Performance Development Form2014 Interim Performance Development Form

This form is to be used in place of the 90 day Performance Evaluation form and the standard Performance Development Form for employees hired between January 1, 2014 and March 31, 2014.


The Staff Self-Assessment Checklist provides a framework to prepare for the performance development documentation process. Use this checklist to plan how you will gather preliminary information, draft your Preparation Tool and your proposed development plan, and prepare for the actual performance discussion.