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All offices and student organizations at Harvard Law School are invited to participate in the university’s Green Office Program, coordinated by the Office for Sustainability. Online Green Office resources provide you with all the tools you need to green your daily office practices–allowing you to tackle specific impact areas (energy, events, kitchens, participation, publications, purchasing, recycling, waste reduction, and transportation), or commit your office to broader change by becoming a certified Green Office. There are four levels of certification, ranging from Leaf 1 to Leaf 4.

Get started by registering online and contact the HLS Sustainability Program Manager at for guidance through this fun process.

Congratulations to all the HLS Green Offices!

Environmental Law and Policy Clinic (Leaf Four)

L-R:Shaun Goho, Wendy Jacobs, Amy Soto.

The Environmental Law and Policy Clinic is the first office at the entire university to become a Leaf Four Office.

Facilities Management (Leaf Three)

Back row L-R: Edgar Filho, John Holleran, Russell Keyes, John Arciprete, Keven Carr. Front row L-R: Becky Andreasson, Dianne Ribeirinha-Braga, Matt McConnell. Not pictured: Cara Ferrentino, Gene O’Connor, Scott Thomas.

Financial Office (Leaf Three)

L-R: Laurie Anderson, Kathryn Beaudry, Gina Cinelli, Anna Robertson, Alec Antell, Steve Nedder, Geoff Swift.

Dean for Administration (Leaf Three)

L-R: Diane Long, Francis McCrossan

ITS – Langdell 175 (Leaf Three)

L-R: Nate Logus, Dave Killeffer, John Klein, Carrie Ayres, Ferit Albukrek, Dan Kaplan, Samantha Timpano. Not pictured: Ben Gaucherin, Lisa Smith, David Langlois.

Dean’s Office (Leaf Three)

L-R: Patricia Merullo, Liberty Kenneally, Catherine Claypoole, Cherisa Ellis, Martha Minow

Media Services (Leaf One)

Back row L-R: Robert Toomer, Darby DeChristopher, Jay Rainha, Katie Fujii, Jon
Rinkerman. Front Row L-R: Greg Allison, Paul Gregoire, Pete Melish, William Casey.

HLS Media Services was the first office at the entire university to become a Leaf One Green Office.

Immigration and Refugee Clinic (Leaf One)

L-R: Bonnie Rubrecht, Phil Torrey, Lauren Aronson, Professor Debbie Anker, Sabi Ardalan, Emily Leung.

Human Rights Program (Leaf One)

Back row L-R: Ada Sheng, Bonnie Docherty, Tyler Giannini, Mindy Roseman, Ahmad Amara, Jim Cavallaro, Kaitlyn Hennigan. Front Row L-R: Annie Berndtson, Susan Farbstein, Deborah Popowski, Fernando Delgado. Not pictured: Maureen Corrigan.

Human Resources (Leaf One)

human resources staff

Back Row, L to R: Solomon Worku, Marie Bowen, Kathy Long Thurman, Karen Pemstein, Glenn Benting, Jessica Cronin. Front Row, L to R: Katie Grinna, Karen Gray. Not pictured: Edward Hichez.