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Green Living

The Harvard Law School Green Living Program, which began in 2005, is a peer-to-peer education initiative that promotes sustainable living in residence halls and across campus.  Six Green Living Representatives (“Reps”) connect with their peers about energy and water conservation and waste reduction through activities, educational campaigns, and competitions. Reps also take on independent projects designed to help students reduce their environmental impact.  The program is supported by Facilities Management and is coordinated through the Harvard Office for Sustainability.

Meet Your Reps

New Reps are hired each academic year.  Contact the HLS Sustainability Program Manager at to learn more or if you are interested in becoming a Green Living Rep.

1L Green cup competition

Each academic year the first year JD students (1Ls) compete in the Green Cup Challenge a competition amongst the different 1L sections.  The competition is comprised of 5 sustainability challenges and points are awarded based on participation and some bonus points for sustainability knowledge.  Each challenge is designed to teach or share a sustainability tip that can be easily incorporated into the student’s everyday life on campus and beyond.

Challenges and Results for the Green Cup Competition AY 2016-2017

Challenge 1: BYOMug – Sections were challenged to bring a reusable mug or water bottle to class during the week of November 14-18th.  Each reusable item counted as a participation point (one per student) and each disposable item brought (paper cup or plastic single-use water bottle) was subtracted from this tally.  Bonus points were given for sharing a section photo with their reusable item. Results will be shared soon!

Student Resources

Harvard Law School also has a strong and growing focus on environmental research and teaching, including the Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic and the Food Law and Policy Clinic of the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation.

Students are engaging in environmental leadership and exploring sustainability topics through the Environmental Law Society, the Environmental Law Review, Food Law Society, Student Animal Legal Defense Fund and others.

Our faculty, including Jody Freeman, Wendy Jacobs, and Richard Lazarus are leading, national experts in the fields of environmental law. Students wishing to learn more about sustainability course offerings can explore the HUCE Environmental Course Guide.