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Student Work

This externship clinic offers students the opportunity to work with Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) in downtown Boston. Placements are coordinated through the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs. Students who enroll in this clinic will be contacted by the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs to begin the placement process.

Students must have at least one full business day available in their schedule to work on-site at their placement organization. Any remaining clinical hours should be worked in blocks of at least 5 hours.

Required Class Component: Legal Profession – The New Market for Personal Legal Services: Ethical and Professional Challenges (3 fall classroom credits). Seats are reserved for clinical students. Students who enroll in this clinic will be enrolled in the required course by OCP. Students who drop this clinic will also lose their seat in the required class component.

How to Register

You can learn about the required clinical course component, clinical credits, additional requirements, and the clinical registration process, by reading the course catalog description and exploring the links in this section.

Faculty and Staff

Jeanne Charn (Lecturer on Law)