Clinical registration occurs in April and is for the entire year (fall, winter, and spring terms). Students preference up to 6 clinics (for clinics that are offered in more than one semester, each semester counts as a distinct clinical preference).

Students may participate in one clinic at a time. Once you have taken a clinic, you may not sign up for it again through Helios.

All clinics are taken in conjunction with a required clinical course component. For most clinics, students do not register for the required clinical course component through Helios – unless otherwise noted in the clinic description in the HLS Course Catalog, the clinical course registration occurs at the same time as their clinical enrollment or the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs enrolls students in the required course component. Clinic enrollment and clinical course enrollment are generally linked – if a student drops from a clinic, they will also be dropped from the clinical course and vice-versa.

Please review the Registrar’s Office website about Registration Information for a full list of registration dates and events.

Clinical Registration Alerts!

Clinical registration is handled by the Office of Clinical and Pro Bono Programs. Registration preferencing for 2015-2016 takes place in a series of phases. Clinical registration is the first phase.

2015-16 Clinical Preferencing

Clinical Registration Events

Clinical Registration Resources

2015-16 By Application Clinics

The Clinics listed below are By Application and are not included in the first phase of clinical registration. Please see the list of By Application Clinics to learn about their application deadline. For more information on how to apply please visit the HLS Course Catalog and search for the clinic offering or contact Maggie Bay.