What counts as clinical work?
Who can take clinical placements?
Do I have to take a class in order to do a clinical?
I’m in a class that has a clinical option. How do I sign up for the clinical?
Are there any prerequisites for clinicals?
Can I continue working on my clinical cases/projects in a subsequent semester?
How do I add a clinical?
If I drop a clinical, can I stay in the class?
Are all clinicals in clinical registration?
What if I drop after the clinical add/drop deadline?
If I already went through the security clearance process for the U.S. Attorney's Office, do I have to do it again?
Can I receive transportation assistance to get to my clinical placement?
Does transportation time count towards my clinical hours?
I heard I can be certified to appear in court - how does that work?
What kind of guidelines do I follow as a student attorney?
Are there any confidentiality issues I should know about?
How do clinical credits work?
How many clinicals can I take in a semester?
What is the maximum number of clinical credits I can take?
How can I change my clinical credits?
Can I work from home?
Do I have to make up holidays or vacation weeks?
Do my clinical credits count towards my pro bono requirement?
Will my clinical writing satisfy my HLS Written Work Requirement?
What is the clinical email system policy?