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What counts as clinical work?
Who can take a clinic?
How many clinics can I take each semester?
I’m enrolled in a clinic – how do I enroll in the clinic’s required clinical course component?
Are there any pre-requisites for clinics?
Can I continue working on my clinical cases/projects in a subsequent semester?
I want to work in a clinic for the whole year (for example, the Criminal Justice Institute) – is this possible?
How do I add a clinic?
If I drop a clinic, can I stay in the required clinical course?
Are all clinics in clinical registration?
I received a clinic wait-list offer and cannot accept it – help!
Are all clinics included in clinical registration preferencing and add/drop?
What if I drop after the clinical add/drop deadline?
How do clinical credits work?
What is the maximum number of clinical credits I can take?
How do I change the number of clinical credits I am enrolled for?
I noticed that clinics do not have set time-blocks. How is my clinical work schedule determined?
Can I work from home?
Do I have to make up clinical work for holidays or vacation weeks?
Do my clinical credits count towards the Pro Bono Graduation Requirement?
What is the process for securing a clinical placement through an externship clinic?
Can I receive transportation assistance to get to my clinical placement?
Does transportation time count toward my clinical hours?
The supervisor listed on my clinical position is inaccurate – how do I edit the position to reflect the correct supervisor?
The location listed on my clinical position is inaccurate – how do I edit the position to reflect the correct location?
My clinical evaluation has the wrong supervisor listed – how do I correct this?
What kind of guidelines do I follow as a student attorney?
Are there any confidentiality issues I should know about?
What is the clinical email system policy?