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Celebrating Pro Bono Week at HLS

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  1. Oct

    Pro Bono Week: Law Firm Pro Bono: The Fight for 3 Survivors of On-line Child Sex Trafficking

  2. Oct

    Pro Bono Week: Advocating for LGBTQ Youth: A Collective and Community-Driven Model

  3. Oct

    Pro Bono Week: Education Equity: A Civil Rights Struggle

  4. Oct

    Pro Bono Week: Community Lawyering through a Youth-led Immigrant Cooperative

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Learning the Law | Serving the World Blog

Clinical Opportunity for Collaborative, Community-Based Transactional Work

October 24, 2016

The Community Enterprise Project (spring 2017) is a by-application division of the Transactional Law Clinics in which students engage in both direct client representation and community economic development. In addition to representing clients located near the Legal Services Center at Harvard Law School on transactional matters, CEP students work in small groups to connect with […]

Representing prisoners and shaping the rules

October 24, 2016

By Dixie Tauber, J.D. ’17 Communications Director Prison Legal Assistance Project The Prison Legal Assistance Project (PLAP) is honored to participate in Pro Bono Week! PLAP differs from other SPOs in that all students are able to join. Because of this, we are a group comprised of students with all different experiences and interests. While some […]

Lessons from the Harvard Mediation Program

October 24, 2016

By Benjamin Hecht,  J.D. ’18 Communications Director, Harvard Mediation Program In law school, especially as 1Ls, we are convinced that being a law student means certain things. Our role models—professors, impressive alumni, upperclassmen—define the experience as revolving around specific markers of prestige. Clerking. Journals. Ames. And, perhaps most of all, arguing before a judge in court. […]

Recent Scholarship by Clinical Faculty


Intermediary Liability in the United States

Chris Bavitz, Andy Sellars (with Adam Holland, Jeff Hermes, Ryan Budish, Michael Lambert, and Nick Decoster)

Student Privacy: The Next Frontier – Emerging & Future Privacy Issues in K-12 Learning Environments

Dalia Topelson Ritvo (with Paulina Haduong, Zoe Emma Wood, Sandra Cortesi, Leah Plunkett, and Urs Gasser)

Benefits of Regulating Hazardous Air Pollutants from Coal and Oil Fired Utilities in the United States

Shaun Goho, Wendy Jacobs (with Elsie M. Sunderland, Charles T. Driscoll, Jr., James K. Hammitt, Philippe Grandjean, John S. Evans, Joel D. Blum, Celia Y. Chen, David C. Evers, Daniel A. Jaffe, and Robert P. Mason)
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