It’s Reading Period here on the HLS campus – time for long days snuggled up with your laptop in the WCC fireside lounge.

It’s probably hard to believe, but I actually remember Reading Period days fondly. There was something nice about having the whole day open to concentrate on absorbing everything you had learned that semester. My 1L study group still goes on vacation together (now with about a dozen children in tow), and I attribute our close relationship to the amount of time we spent together during Reading Period, hashing out practice exams.

There are pockets of fun during Reading Period, too. No, really! Some examples include the midnight pancake breakfast, chair massages, free sleep kits, and student organization study breaks.

One of my favorite things: there are quite a few small rooms Wasserstein Hall that you can book for a group session. Each room has whiteboards, and you can hook up your laptop to the shared screen. Often the group booking the room names their reservation “study group” – but other times, they go for something a little funnier. Behold, some of the study groups here on campus this week. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to photograph one of my favorites: Students for Cleaner Romaine.

Best of luck to everyone finishing finals and papers this month!

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