On Wednesday, February 27, Harvard Law Professors Christine Desan, Martha Field, Janet Halley, Jon Hanson, David Kennedy, Duncan Kennedy, Frank Michelman, and Joseph Singer will form two panels to examine “The Future of Progressive Legal Scholarship.”

One faculty group will advocate law scholarship based on substantive analysis, while the other group will favor a theoretical approach. The faculty members will discuss their own approaches to legal analysis through the lens of their panel choice. The panelists will also question each other during the course of the event, which will be held at 6:30 in the Ames Courtroom in Austin Hall.

The event is sponsored by Unbound and Catalyst. Unbound is a journal project working to create a forum for students interested in a variety of critical approaches to law. Catalyst is an HLS student group that promotes the active pursuit of justice.

For more information about Unbound or the panel event, please contact Aaron Lamb (alamb@law.harvard.edu) or Lena Salaymeh (lsalayme@law.harvard.edu).