In February, the Harvard Law School Drama Society presented the 2017 HLS Parody: “Harry Palsgraf in Fantastic Briefs and Where to File Them.” This year’s parody featured Harry and his section mates on their quest to find the most powerful outline at Harvard, while outwitting the Hark Lord and the professors who serve him.

The parody, an original comedy musical poking fun at HLS, its professors, and the legal profession, was inaugurated by the HLS Drama Society in the 1980’s with a production of “Supraman—The Parody,” in which the superhero came to HLS to stamp out evil and win the heart of Lois Lein. The show is regularly the best-attended event outside of graduation, drawing a sell-out audience of students, faculty members, friends, and visitors. More than 1,700 people attended last year’s parody, “Law Wars: Attack of the Loans.”

A history of past shows appears on the drama society’s website and posters from past productions adorn the walls of the game room in the school’s Pub.