Last weekend, a team of students representing Harvard Law School took first place in The Negotiation Challenge in Leipzig, Germany. This year’s Harvard Negotiators team was represented by René A. Pfromm LL.M. ’08, Stefan Neata ’08 and Jessica Price ’08. Their win marks the second year in a row HLS has won the competition. “The competition was a fantastic learning experience,” said Pfromm, the team’s captain and a current student in the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program. Pfromm credited Harvard’s negotiation curriculum for his team’s victory. “The know-how and skills taught in negotiation courses at HLS and HBS allowed us to successfully challenge future leaders in law and business from around the world under high-time pressure and in real-life scenarios,” he said. “I’m simply delighted by the success of our students in Leipzig,” said Robert Bordone ’97, HLS assistant clinical professor and faculty adviser to the team. “I’m proud of the students’ victory on behalf of the school.” Held over a three-day weekend, the competition is aimed at preparing students for the more complex aspects of negotiation. The challenge brings students from leading universities from around the world together to compete in realistic negotiation situations. The challenge is jointly organized by Harvard Law School and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, one of the leading business schools in Europe. It is the first international negotiation competition in Europe and one of only a few international negotiation competitions in the world.