Post Date: September 2, 2005

Dean Elena Kagan sent the following letter to the Harvard Law School community today, outlining some of the school’s efforts to assist those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Click here to read a letter from Dean Kagan to alumni in the region.

To all members of the HLS community:

We have all watched with horror the devastation that Hurricane Katrina has caused in the Gulf Coast, and particularly in New Orleans. The families of several members of our own community have suffered grievous losses. I am writing to let you know about what Harvard is doing to try to help.

The university as a whole will match charitable contributions to designated relief organizations from students, staff, and faculty of up to $100. The university expects to provide details about this program on its homepage by the end of the day.

In common with a good number of other law schools, the law school will open its doors to members of the two law schools in New Orleans — Tulane and Loyola. We expect up to 25 second- and third-year students to enroll as visiting students for the fall term (and if necessary, the rest of the year). The law school will waive tuition provided the student has paid tuition to his or her home law school. Dean Cosgrove and the Board of Student Advisers will work closely together to make the transition of these students as smooth as possible. I am particularly grateful for the BSA’s willingness to assume this responsibility.

A number of students and student groups are coordinating efforts to raise money and otherwise assist the relief effort. I thank all the students who have e-mailed me about such activities. If other students wish to become involved, Dean Cosgrove will be able to direct them.

I know that the victims of these terrible events are in the thoughts and prayers of many members of the community. If you have ideas about other ways Harvard can support relief efforts, I would be very glad to hear them.


Elena Kagan