Harvard Law School’s Program on International Financial Systems (PIFS) hosted its 9th annual China-U.S. Symposium in Beijing the weekend of Sept. 14-16. Co-organized by PIFS and the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF), this annual gathering convenes senior financial and government leaders from the United States and China to address key issues relating to capital markets, financial regulation and the China-U.S. economic and financial relationship.

“The Harvard Law School China-U.S. Symposium is an important addition to dialogue between financial and government leaders in the U.S. and China,” said Hal Scott, PIFS director and Nomura Professor of International Financial Systems at HLS. “As we implement regulatory change to avoid another financial crisis and also seek to restore global growth, this dialogue between the U.S. and China is a very important one and our goal is to contribute to this discussion in a meaningful way through this Symposium.”

Added Lu Mai, secretary general of the China Development Research Foundation: “Participants had vibrant discussions and sufficient communications on topics like capital market development, financial regulation and innovation, while the role of insurance companies, pension funds, and mutual funds also received attention. The annual symposia have been following financial issues of common concerns for years, such as exchange rate and risk management. Now the discussions are more pragmatic, and I believe, more constructive.”

Speakers at the Symposium included:

  • Terrence Checki, executive vice president, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Guo Jinlong, party secretary (former mayor), Beijing Municipality
  • Peter Fung, global chairman, Global Practice, KPMG
  • Li Jiange, chairman, China International Capital Corporation, Ltd.
  • Li Wei, minister and president of the Development Research Center of the State Council
  • Leo Melamed, chairman emeritus, CME Group
  • Zhou Yanli, vice chairman, China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC)

The Harvard Law School Program on International Financial Systems was founded in 1986. It was established to conduct research integrating law, economics and finance. In its 22 years, the Program has published books on the international financial system, held symposia, and provided policy advice to an array of countries. PIFS additionally produces annual bilateral Symposia with Japan, Europe, and Brazil.

PIFS Director Hal Scott has taught at HLS since 1975. He teaches courses on Capital Markets Regulation, International Finance, and Securities Regulation. His books include the law school textbook International Finance: Transactions, Policy and Regulation (19th ed. Foundation Press 2012), and The Global Financial Crisis (Foundation Press 2009). Professor Scott is also director of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation, an independent and nonpartisan research organization dedicated to improving the regulation of U.S. capital markets. In 2009, the Committee released a comprehensive report entitled The Global Financial Crisis: A Plan for Regulatory Reform.