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  • Capital Markets: P. Michelle Gasaway ’97

    December 15, 2022

    Practice Area Podcast Series My name is Yih-hsien Shen with Harvard Law School’s Office of Career Services.  Welcome to our practice area podcast series. Today…

  • Podcast: Strategic Networking

    December 15, 2022

    Learn how to gain the competitive edge for EIP by networking. Hear five things you can be doing right now to get your networking started and put yourself in a better position during EIP.

  • Entertainment Law: Neema Sahni

    November 21, 2022

    Neema Sahni (’10), Partner, Covington & Burling Practice Area Podcast Series Where this work can be found: Los Angeles is the largest market…

  • Intro to Business Careers

    November 7, 2022

    Interested in learning about using your JD to pursue a career in business? Listen to HLS alums as they candidly discuss careers in management consulting, investment banking, and other business paths.

  • Demystifying BigLaw Recruiting

    November 3, 2022

    What is BigLaw? Come hear from HLS alums as they candidly discuss the business of BigLaw, life as an associate and as a partner, and how to approach the recruiting process.

  • Introduction to Judicial Clerkships

    October 26, 2022

    If you aren’t already familiar with one of the most substantive jobs you can have at the beginning of a career in law, learn about this exciting option and how to develop your candidacy starting in your first year of law school. This webinar introduction, especially designed for 1L and transfer students, will set you up for further programming on the topic.

  • LL.M. Series: Interviewing

    October 18, 2022

    Marjorie Lichtenberger, OCS Associate Director and Director of International Advising LL.M. Students Homepage
    An interview is your chance to showcase your qualifications, enthusiasm and…

  • 1L Job Search: Judicial Internships (Podcast)

    October 12, 2022

    Betsy DiPardo, Assistant Director for J.D. Advising OCS 1L Job Search Resources Join Betsy DiPardo for information on summer judicial internships and how to…

  • LL.M. Series: Intro to the LLM Job Fair

    October 4, 2022

    Marjorie Lichtenberger, OCS Associate Director and Director of International Advising LL.M. Students Homepage
    The 2023 Overseas-Trained LL.M. Interview Program (“The LLM Job Fair”) will…

  • Acing 1L Interviews (Podcast)

    September 29, 2022

    Hear from advisers Sara Dana (OCS) and Elizabeth Shirey (OPIA) about tips to succeed in 1L summer job interviews.  In this episode, you’ll learn what to expect in terms of interview format and style, how to prepare for your interviews in advance, and how to plug in with OPIA and OCS resources to help you along the way.

  • LL.M. Series: Networking

    September 28, 2022

    Marjorie Lichtenberger, OCS Associate Director and Director of International Advising LL.M. Students Homepage Networking is an important part of your LL.M. job search. Many…

  • Career Planning: How Your 1L Year (and Job) Fit in the Big Picture

    September 28, 2022

    Catherine Pattanayak , OPIA, Assistant Dean for Public Service join the Office of Public Interest Advising (OPIA) and the Office of Career Services (OCS) for…

  • LL.M. Series: Drafting Job Search Materials

    September 14, 2022

    Marjorie Lichtenberger, OCS’ Associate Director and Director of International Advising Jillian Tuck, OPIA’s Assistant Director for J.D. and LL.M. Advising LL.M. Students Homepage Professional…

  • EIP Prep for August 2022 (Podcast)

    July 19, 2022

    The EIP Preparation podcast will provide you with an overview of what to expect during the week of EIP, important tips on how to ace…

  • How to Enter Your Bids for EIP in CSM

    June 29, 2022

    This video details how you use CSM Symplicity (CSM) to successfully participate/bid in the Early Interview Program (EIP).

  • How to Change the Default Resume Attached to your EIP Bids

    June 28, 2022

    This video details how to use CSM Symplicity to update the resume attached to your EIP bids or interviews. You may update your resume from when the bidding period begins until the close of the add period. When the add period closes your interview schedule and resume will be final, and the resume attached to your interviews will be sent to employers.

  • How to Enter Bids for EIP Preview

    June 3, 2022

    This video details how you use CSM Symplicity (CSM) to successfully enter bids for EIP Preview.

  • (Video) Succeeding in Clerkships and Beyond: Tips from Former Clerks

    May 24, 2022

    Aimed at students and alumni who have secured clerkships and are wondering what to expect during their time in chambers, this pre-recorded panel discussion with four HLS alumni covers topics such as: how to prepare prior to clerking, what to expect in first few weeks in the role, types of assignments a clerk may encounter, and how to approach a post-clerkship job search.

  • Podcast: Early Offers

    April 18, 2022

    Listen to Yih-hsien Shen discuss how to navigate Early Offers from EIP Preview. In this podcast Yih-hsien will discuss what to do if you’re ready to accept a Preview Offer, or how to proceed if you need more time to consider the offer. We also encourage you to review Schedule and Manage EIP Preview Interviews and Offers for more about the issues discussed in this podcast.

  • Renewables/Cleantech: Erica von Pechmann ’16

    April 11, 2022

    Erica von Pechmann '16 is a Managing Associate in the Houston office of Sidley. Erica advises clients in the power and renewable energy industry, with a focus on project development and finance, as well as project acquisitions, dispositions and other investment arrangements. Erica serves on the working committee for the Houston Chapter of Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE) as Director of Marketing and has been recognized by Texas Super Lawyers as a Texas Rising Star. 

  • Meet the Judge: Hon. Jane Branstetter Stranch, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

    March 30, 2022

    Hear firsthand from the Honorable Jane Branstetter Stranch of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Among other interesting facts, Judge Stranch’s work prior to serving in the judiciary focused on labor employment, ERISA, personal injury, worker’s compensation, wrongful death, and utility law.

  • Christian Williams ’17, Solo Practitioner (Intellectual Property)

    March 23, 2022

    Christian Williams '17 practices intellectual property law as the founder and managing attorney of Bevel Law in the DC area. Prior to founding Bevel, Christian was an associate at Covington & Burling in DC where she represented top pharmaceutical companies and national trade associations.

  • Tammy Albarrán ’99, Chief Deputy General Counsel at Uber

    March 23, 2022

    Tammy Albarrán ’99, Chief Deputy General Counsel at Uber. Ms. Albarrán talks about her path from transactional work to litigation in Big Law, her move to Uber, how Uber’s 350 lawyer in-house legal team operates, and her recommendation for law students and alumni considering this type of work.

  • Tim Kiefer ’98, Solo Practitioner (Criminal Defense & Family Law)

    March 22, 2022

    Tim Keifer ’98, practices criminal defense, DUI, and family law at his own firm, Kiefer Law Office in Madison, WI

  • Podcast: Logistics and Choosing Firms for EIP Preview

    March 14, 2022

    In this podcast, we’re going to talk about Preview, which is a part of our Early Interview Program, also known as EIP. I’ll be covering what Preview is; how it relates to EIP; how to think about choosing your Preview firms; and finally, what happens to your application once firms receive your materials.

  • How to EIP as a Diverse Candidate

    March 14, 2022

    Diverse students may have additional concerns about EIP and additional considerations to weigh in the process. Come learn what to expect and get strategies for seeking out the information you want to know from firms.

  • Meet the Judge: Hon. David M. Lawson and Hon. Matthew F. Leitman ’93, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan

    March 11, 2022

    Hear from both Hon. David M. Lawson and Hon. Matthew F. Leitman ’93 of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan about their backgrounds and work.

  • Boston Legal Market

    March 9, 2022

    Betsy Dipardo from OCS discusses the state of the legal market in Boston with Jacon McCann, a recruiter with Gridline .

  • How to EIP in a Challenging Market

    March 8, 2022

    Washington DC, and California (along with some of the very small markets such as Seattle and Denver) can be uniquely challenging for EIP. Understanding the dynamics of these markets and how to bid strategically are keys to success. At this session of OCS’s How to EIP Week, we will discuss these markets in greater detail and help you prepare for a successful EIP week.

  • Meet the Judge: Hon. Carla Wong McMillian, Supreme Court of Georgia

    March 4, 2022

    Hear firsthand from the Honorable Carla Wong McMillian of the Supreme Court of Georgia about her background and work. Among other interesting facts, Justice McMillian is the first Asian Pacific American to serve on a state’s highest court in the Southern United States.

  • Meet the Judge: Hon. Rodolfo A. Ruiz II, Southern District of Florida

    February 22, 2022

    Hear firsthand from the Honorable Rodolfo A. Ruiz II of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida about his background and work. Among other interesting facts, prior to judicial service, Judge Ruiz served as an Assistant County Attorney for the Miami-Dade County's Attorney's office. 

  • EIP Orientation: Essentials You Need to Know

    February 18, 2022

    This program is essential if you plan to participate in the Early Interview Program (EIP). Learn how to navigate the new EIP Preview, what to expect from EIP Week, how to develop your strategy for both, and how to use the spring semester to maximize your success.

  • Atlanta Legal Market Podcast

    February 15, 2022

    Sara Dana from OCS discusses the state of the legal market in Atlanta with Desha Dardenne, a recruiter from Major, Lindsey & Africa.

  • Meet the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Clerks

    February 10, 2022

    Hear from Michael Fridkin (HLS ’85) and Boanne Wassink (HLS ’20) about the unique advantages of working with multiple judges through the Seventh Circuit Staff Attorneys’ Office.

  • Panel of Former HLS Clerks

    February 2, 2022

    Have you seen the article, A Peek Behind the Curtain: The Inner-Workings of the Judiciary, and Why Judges Should Address the Lack of Diversity Among Law Clerks? Join BLSA and OCS for a panel conversation with BLSA alumni who shared their experiences of “clerking while Black.” Learn how you can launch your career through clerking, what you can learn from clerking, and more. 

  • Intro to Big Law: Choosing a Practice Area, Finding Your Place, and Positioning for the Future

    January 19, 2022

    What are the practice areas prevalent in Biglaw and how do you decide which to explore? Learn what different practices entail and hear some practical tips to help you assess your own career preferences. This information will be especially helpful in selecting your geographic preferences and in interviewing with firms. Presented by Major, Lindsey & Africa, a leading search firm that has helped many young associates evaluate their career paths.

  • London Legal Market Podcast

    January 1, 2022

    Hear Marjorie Lichtenberger of OCS discuss the state of the legal market for U.S. law students and grads in London with April Stockfleet, a recruiter based in Europe. 

  • Plaintiffs Law / Shareholder Litigation, Joel Fleming ’11

    December 13, 2021

    Joel Fleming '11 is a partner at Block & Leviton LLP, focusing on securities, corporate governance, and merger-and-acquisition litigation. Mr. Fleming is one of the top plaintiffs lawyers in the country and has recovered over $100 million dollars for his clients since joining the firm in 2014. In 2019, Law360 named Mr. Fleming as one of the top six litigators in the country under the age of 40.

  • Washington, DC Legal Market Podcast

    December 10, 2021

    Hear Sara Dana of OCS discuss the Washington, DC legal market with Dan Binstock, a recruiter from Garrison & Sisson, Inc.

  • Chicago Legal Market Podcast

    December 10, 2021

    Dena Sacco from OCS discusses the Chicago legal market with Katy Lewis from Catamount Search Partners.

  • Miami Legal Market (Podcast)

    December 10, 2021

    Hear Sara Dana of OCS discuss the Miami legal market with Abbe Bunt from Bunt Legal Search.

  • How to Move In-House in 2022

    November 30, 2021

    After graduating from Harvard Law School, magna cum laude, Patricia Paul practiced public interest law and then was a litigation associate at Kramer Levin in NYC for more than five years. She’s been a legal recruiter doing both in-house and law firm placement since 2006. She also has leadership roles in the NYC chapters of the HLS Women’s Alliance and the HLS Association.

  • Video: Finding Alumni for Networking

    October 28, 2021

    In this video, OCS Peer Adviser, Sophie Nguyen, will walk you through how to find alumni for networking purposes. She shows some great resources for searching alumni and discusses various ways to identify alumni of interest and how to contact them.

  • Applying to Law Firm 1L Diversity Positions

    October 27, 2021

    The process for applying to 1L summer diversity positions at major law firms can be daunting. Hear from students who have been through the application process before and succeeded.

  • Engaging with Faculty

    October 25, 2021

    Engaging with HLS faculty makes for a more educational and enjoyable law school experience. More concretely, faculty recommendation letters are required in applications for certain types of jobs, including judicial clerkships.  Get insights from a panel of professors about how best to cultivate substantive relationships with them in our current environment.

  • Environmental, Social, & Governance: Michael Murphy

    October 20, 2021

    Michael Murphy, Partner, Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher Michael Murphy is a partner at Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher in Washington, DC. He…

  • Searching for Large Firms

    October 18, 2021

    In this video you'll learn now to search for large firms using the various filters in the Firms tab of Firm Prospects