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General Policy

  • Until approved, a group shall not be permitted to use the “Harvard” or “HLS” name, or imply through its title or otherwise a connection with the University.
  • No student organization may be connected with any advertising medium which makes use of the Harvard name.
  • No student organization shall, in any manner or media, purport to represent the views or opinions of either Harvard University or its student body.
  • No student organization shall be allowed to appear on a commercially-sponsored radio or TV program.
  • Harvard Public Affairs and Communications (HPAC) outlines Harvard University’s restrictions on photography and videography on campus. These restrictions include:
    • Any photography or videotaping which portrays official signs, insignia. or emblems of Harvard University or its schools needs advance permission of the Trademark Office (exceptions are made for press that are invited to cover University events).
    • Commercial filming anywhere on Harvard’s campus.
    • Filming inside of dormitories, cafeterias, or classrooms.
    • For a full list of restrictions, visit HPAC’s website.