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Reserve a Room

To reserve a room through the EMS System, go to Login with your HLS email account ID (if your email is, your ID is sparker.jd20) and password. Follow instructions for a “Full Service Reservation.” For student organizations, your designated Event Coordinator who makes all reservations for their group.

  • For specific questions on the EMS system, please contact the Event Scheduling and Support Office at or 617-495-3129.
  • The EMS system will not let you view rooms unless you enter the requisite minimum number of people (e.g. WCC rooms require a minimum of 4 people).
  • The publicity blurb you submit when you book a room is what will circulate in Calendar@Law, so please take this seriously.
  • Completing an online request does not guarantee a room is reserved. A confirmation email will be sent to your organization’s email address from the Event Scheduling and Support Office once the room is officially booked.


In your room reservation, you can request Media Services for all AV equipment (i.e. microphone, projector, etc.). A/V requests must be made at least 72 hours in advance.


Rooms might appear unavailable unless you allow for a buffer between the end and start of two consecutive events. For example, if there is a class until 11:50 AM, the system might not let you book until 12:05 PM.

  • Tip: Look at the graphic calendar, then book the largest stretch allowable within that frame.


Make sure your event is not scheduled to begin before or end after your scheduled booking. The room MUST be clean and empty before the next class is scheduled to begin. CEEB will revoke event privileges after the first violation.

Reserve a Table

To reserve table space for your organization or journal, individuals must book it through the Events Management System (EMS) or by emailing the Office of Community Engagement, Equity and Belonging (CEEB) at least 48 hours in advance.