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As a need-based aid financial aid program, HLS reevaluates your eligibility for grant aid each academic year. Your eligibility will fluctuate based on the finances of your parents as well as your summer earnings. For instance, as your summer earnings rise or fall from year to year, so does your expected contribution from income. If you spend your 2L summer working 8 or more weeks at a law firm, your summer contribution that year likely will increase significantly over that of your 1L year.  To help you understand how summer income and other factors can affect your path from year to year during your time at HLS, we have provided examples of hypothetical financial aid calculations for students at various grant levels and opting for different summer earnings opportunities.

Please note, these scenarios are for general planning purposes only and presume a static cost of attendance and need analysis formula, when in actuality there are adjustments made each year. They also presume there are no changes to your family’s financial situation and that you work a minimum of 8 weeks over the summer. For a more tailored calculation we recommend using the Student Contribution from Summer Income Calculator on the SFS Self-Service Portal.