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Employment in the private sector is eligible for LIPP so long as the position is law-related. For purposes of LIPP “law-related” is defined as follows:

  • The distinctive intellectual skills acquired in a legal education are generally recognized as useful in the job; and
  • Of those who hold this position, it is not unusual for them to be members of the legal profession.

A legal education is a strong foundation for many different career paths. However, to be eligible for LIPP any position in the private sector must rely primarily on the skills acquired in the pursuit of a JD; a position or enterprise which may require a graduate level degree (such as an MBA or PhD) but not specifically a JD has typically not met the law-relatedness requirement. We strongly encourage students and graduates who are unsure as to whether their planned employment will meet these criteria to consult with the LIPP staff and submit a formal job description. If we have any questions regarding your eligibility we will ask you to submit a statement outlining how your position meets both of the law-relatedness criteria. Graduates should not rely on LIPP support without having received prior approval.