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The LIPP Online Application may be accessed via the SFS Self-Service Portal which requires a Harvard Key. This Application allows you to save and complete over the course of multiple sessions. Below we have broken down the application into its eight parts so you can gather the information you will need to complete Step 1 before you begin the process.

Part 1: Demographic Information

  • Harvard ID number
  • Childcare arrangements and expenses (cover sheet summary, name of provider, costs per child, dates of coverage)

Part 2: Employment and Income Information

  • Start date, annual salary, and effective date of annual salary as well as gross amount and date of bonuses received (if married, same information for spouse)
  • Additional income information (other taxable income, untaxed income, etc.) including rental income and gift income
  • If you are receiving a fellowship, the gross amount of fellowship money and the start and end dates of the fellowship
  • If you are receiving other loan repayment assistance, the gross amount, period it covers, and taxability
  • If you are paid in foreign currency, please select the appropriate currency.  LIPP staff will convert the currency into USD.

Part 3: Asset Information

  • Amount of cash or savings (broken down by participant, spouse, and jointly held)
  • Investments (broken down by participant, spouse, and jointly held)
  • Trusts (revocable and non-revocable, broken down by participant, spouse, and jointly held). Please list the total value and explain the percentage of ownership in the notes field.
  • Vested amounts in retirement plans (broken down by participant, spouse, and jointly held).  The vested amount includes all contributions made by the employee, however, matching deposits made by an employer may be subject to certain requirements. For example, some employers require an employee to be at the company for a minimum amount of time before they have full ownership over the deposits made by the employer. Please report the current value of all of your retirement accounts but only include employer contributions that have vested.
  • Home value, debt, purchase year, and purchase price
  • If any of your assets are held in foreign currency, please select the appropriate currency.  LIPP staff will convert the currency into USD.
  • Please note: LIPP does not consider automobiles an asset!

Part 4: Educational Debt

  • Current balance, payment history (if a returning applicant), and required monthly payment amounts for all of your education loans. Please group by the servicer (i.e. Nelnet, Great Lakes, etc.).  For example, if you have direct unsubsidized (Stafford) and Direct PLUS loans with Nelnet, you would choose “Federal” as the loan type and then list Nelnet as the servicer and include all loans held by Nelnet in the monthly payment and balance fields.
  • If you have Perkins loans with Harvard, please use loan type “Harvard” and group all loans held by the Harvard Student Loan Office together.
  • Spouse current loan balances and required monthly loan payments
  • Forbearance and/or deferment information

Part 5: Special Disbursement Request

  • For those participants who live outside of North America we are able to wire your funds. To do so we will need your bank’s name, routing number, address, account number, and the name(s) on the account.

Part 6: Information Release

  • Permission to contact you regarding events or discussions with admitted students
  • Permission to share your basic employment information internally in order for HLS to comply with ABA reporting requirements which require all accredited law schools to report on the employment status of their most recent graduates

Part 7: Additional Document Requirements

  • Reminders regarding the documentation you will need to complete as a part of Step 2 of the application process

Part 8: Certification

  • Confirmation you understand your requirements as a LIPP participant