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LIPP eligibility for new applicants is determined on a rolling basis. There is no deadline for new applications, although it is important to remember we do not process LIPP retroactively. Before your LIPP eligibility can be calculated and disbursed, we must have a complete application. A complete application includes the online application and ALL supporting documents. In the SFS Self-Service Portal you will be able to review a list of the documents you are required to submit which is based on the information you provide in your online application; links to all of the required documents are available below. You will also use the SFS Self-Service Portal to securely upload your documents and track their statuses. Documents emailed to LIPP in lieu of uploading via the SFS Self-Service Portal may result in a delay in the processing of your LIPP eligibility.

Upon upload the document Status will automatically update to “Waiting for Review.” Please note that none of your documents will be reviewed until all of the required documents are in this status. Successful document submissions will be moved to a status of “Accepted” once they are reviewed for accuracy by a LIPP staff member. This process may take up to 1 week during periods of high volume. We recommend all applicants login to the SFS Self-Service Portal regularly to monitor their documents’ statuses to avoid any delays in the processing of their LIPP disbursement.

** Items denoted with an asterisk are not required for graduates applying to the PSLF Based LIPP Program

Step 1: LIPP Application

  • LIPP Online Application**: The Online LIPP Application may be accessed via the SFS Self-Service Portal and can be saved and completed over multiple sessions. Please be sure to note that you are a New Participant.
    • The Pre-Application Information Guide contains a list of the information you may not know immediately and will need to gather in order to complete the form.


  • Statement of Interest in PSLF-Based Plan: Interested graduates in the PSLF-Based Plan must submit a statement of interest survey to indicate interest. A member of the LIPP team will be in contact to schedule a meeting to discuss your eligibility as well as next steps. 

Step 2: Supporting Documentation

Required of all participants:

  • Lender CertificationsStatements from all of your educational loan lenders (and those of your spouse, if applicable), including certification from the Harvard Student Loan Office. You must attach both documentation of your repayment obligations and evidence of your good standing with all of your lenders (including undergraduate and graduate, if applicable). Please refer to the Lender Certification Requirements page for details about the information which must be provided with your application. Loan documentation may be in the form of a copy of your most recent statement, an online statement, a screenshot of your account, or a letter from your lender verifying the information you submitted.
  • Employer Certification Form (Traditional LIPP) / Employer Certification Form (PSLF-Based Plan): This form must be completed by your employer. Please have your employer complete this form and provide it to you so that you can upload it through the application portal. If you are receiving a fellowship, your placement organization should fill this out and you should include a copy of your fellowship award notification. OR
  • Hourly Employer Certification Form (Traditional LIPP) / Hourly Employer Certification Form (PSLF-Based Plan): If a participant is paid by the hour, this form must be completed in lieu of the standard Employer Certification Form. OR
  • Business Supplement Form:** If a participant is self-employed, this form must be completed in lieu of an Employer Certification Form.
  • W9 – Request for taxpayer ID number and certificationThis form is required of all US Citizens by the Accounts Payable system; non-US Citizens will be contacted directly for different online documentation for which they will be emailed a link.
  • Federal Tax return, W-2’s and all schedule and attachments: Please submit your current federal tax information or a signed, dated statement explaining non-filing status. Include spouse’s tax information and W-2 if applicable.

Required of all judicial clerks:

Required of all applicants with spouses receiving income:

  • Spouse Income Form: Participants with spouses who receive income from employment and/or additional income from other sources will need to have their spouse complete this form. OR
  • Spouse Business Supplement Form: Participants with spouses who are self-employed will need to have their spouse complete this form to verify their income.

Required of all applicants reporting child-care expenses, working part-time or taking parental leave:

  • Dependent Care Expenses Cover Sheet**, Parental and Part-Time Leave Employer Certification, and Parental Information SheetLIPP participants with dependent care expenses must provide signed documentation of these expenses in order to have the costs considered by the LIPP Office. This can be in the form of a bill from a childcare center with your child’s name on it and/or a signed letter from your childcare provider; please summarize all of the expenses on the Dependent Care Expenses Cover Sheet. If you are a parent taking a leave of absence or are planning to work part-time, you must submit the Parental and Part-Time Leave Employer Certification Form, as well as the Parental Information Sheet.

Required of all applicants reporting rental income:

Required of all applicants who are PhD students:

  • Transcript**: LIPP participants who are applying for coverage during their PhD must submit a transcript to verify that they are full-time and in the third year of their program or beyond.

Required of all applicants in clerkships who are PSLF-Based Plan participants: