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As an HLS student you are allowed a LIPP-eligible budget increase for the purchase of a computer.  This increase is limited to a maximum amount of $2000 over the course of your three year education at HLS.

IMPORTANT: Someone else cannot purchase this computer system for you. All purchases must be made in your name.

When to Submit a Request, and What’s Eligible

  • Important Dates

    Your computer purchase date and budget increase request date are part of the approval process.

    • Entering Students: July 1, 2024 is the first day you can purchase a computer and submit a request for a budget increase for the 2024-25 academic year. If you purchase a computer prior to this date, HLS cannot consider it as an education expense and, therefore, we cannot help you finance it.
    • Continuing Students: You may purchase a computer and submit a request for a budget increase starting July 1, 2024 and ending on April 15, 2025. Any computer purchased between April 16 and June 30 of a given year is not eligible for a budget increase or loan.

    You are required to submit documentation (receipts) of your computer and computer-related purchases for verification and auditing purposes.

    Once your budget increase request is approved, we will process your loan application and direct deposit the disbursement within two weeks (during the academic year only; disbursements are not made during the summer.) We require you to have a lender approved loan, which is specifically for the computer purchase, on file with our office at the time you submit your request.  This  way we can process the loan as soon as the budget increase is approved.

  • Eligible/Ineligible Computer Components



  • Additional Criteria

  • How do I submit a request?