Learning Rights Law Center

Los Angeles, CA

I graduated from Renmin University of China and had a bachelor degree in law. As a college student, I volunteered to teach students from low-income families. Educational equity was the issue that drew me to HLS originally, and the focus of my study, clinical work and extracurricular pursuits here.  I took Education Law and Policy class, and participated in Education Law Clinic, where I worked on a case involving the special education services of a child with learning disabilities.  During 1L summer, I worked at the Children’s Law Center of California on child welfare issues.  During 2L summer, I conducted legal and policy research at the Campaign for Educational Equity and wrote a legal memorandum in preparation for the Campaign’s advocacy for a universal prekindergarten education in New York State.  Moreover, I took Developmental Psychology, and Typical and Atypical Neurodevelopment classes at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to further study the importance of early childhood education and different types of learning disabilities during my third year.  As a PSVF fellow at the Learning Rights Law Center in Los Angeles, I will continue working on special education issues and help disadvantaged students obtain meaningful educational opportunities.