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PSVF Org-Based Fellowship applications are due on Monday, February 5, 2024 by 5:00 PM.

Application Requirements

Applicants must have held a job search meeting with an OPIA adviser before January 17, 2024.

Submit a completed application via CARAT, which includes

  1. Resume/CV
  2. Law school transcript: official or unofficial transcripts accepted
  3. Two required essays. Note that the word limits are maximums, but you are free to write shorter essays. All essays must be submitted via CARAT as PDFs.
    1. Essay #1: Organization Description – Describe your host organization and the work you propose to do at that organization. Will you work as a traditional staff attorney or will you work on a new project? (500 words)
    2. Essay #2: Personal Statement – Tell us about yourself and your reasons for applying to this fellowship. (750 words)
      1. What motivates you to undertake this particular project or work at this specific organization?
      2. How would this fellowship contribute to your personal and professional development? What skills do you seek to gain from this work, and how will your host organization help you develop those skills? 
      3. What background knowledge and prior experiences make you a strong candidate? How specifically are you prepared to do this work? 
      4. Where do you see yourself in five years? In ten years? How will this fellowship help advance your public interest career? 
  4. Prior Efforts Form uploaded into CARAT: Please complete the form listing all efforts you have made to secure external fellowship funding and postgraduate jobs: list only those fellowships and jobs you have actually applied to and the status of those applications. Additionally, please describe any restrictions in your search, (i.e., geographic, type of work, etc.), as the extent of your search will be a factor in the committee’s decision. 
    1. Please list any alternate offers you have received or have turned down, including any private law firm offers.
    2. You will have the opportunity to bring an updated form at the time of your interview. 
  5. Two letters of recommendation: one recommendation must be from a faculty member (clinical or non-clinical) and one recommendation must be from an employer. Letters can be addressed to “PSVF Selection Committee”. In CARAT, these will be uploaded as Reference #1 and #2 under the References tab. 
  6. Two references: you must provide two references who can be called in addition to the people who will write your letters of recommendation and support. These people must be able to speak to your ability to carry out your proposed work. 
  7. Letter of support from a supervisor at your proposed host organization. In CARAT, this will be uploaded as Recommendation #3 under the Recommendations tab. 
  8. MOU signed by the applicant and host organization following the role of a host organization guidelines. Any proposed changes to the MOU must be submitted to Deborah Valero-Montijano for review no later than January 8, 2024, at 5:00 PM.
  9. The date and adviser you met with to discuss your application (job search effort and host organization eligibility). The meeting must have taken place before January 17, 2024

Application Instructions

  1. Tell your recommenders and host organization how to submit their letters, informing them of our guidelines above before writing the letter and to expect an email from CARAT asking them to upload their letter.
  2. Prepare all application materials.
  3. Complete the online application via CARAT
    1. Upload the required application materials in CARAT.
    2. To continue a previously started application, select the “in progress” tab on the homepage. This is crucial so that the correct letters of recommendation are attached to the correct application.
    3. Save your application frequently. CARAT is connected to your Harvard Key and may log out due to inactivity and your work may be lost.

Contact Deborah Valero-Montijano with questions about the application process and contact Judy Murciano with questions about eligibility, selection criteria, and application materials.