Human Rights Network Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

Hannah Dixie has been awarded a Kaufman Fellowship to work with the Human Rights Network Uganda, where she will help implement the “Synergy for Peace and Justice Project,” with the objective of strengthening the rule of law in Uganda through reconciling the contrasting approaches of human rights advocates and peace-builders. While at HLS, Hannah was a project leader for the Law and International Development Society and the Harvard Advocates for Human Rights. She also volunteered for the UK Law Society Human Rights International Action Team and was an active member of the Harvard African Law Association. In January 2014, Hannah completed an internship with the Equal Education Law Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, after having been awarded a Cravath International Fellowship to pursue clinical work abroad. Prior to coming to HLS as a Fulbright Scholar, Hannah graduated with a First Class Law degree from the University of Cambridge and worked as a Research Assistant to Professor Susan Bright, University of Oxford.