The Lawfare Institute

Washington, D.C.

As a Redstone Public Service Fellow, Anna will work at Lawfare, a non-profit media organization devoted to educating policymakers and the public about national security laws and policies. At Lawfare, Anna will lead the organization’s transparency law and access to courts efforts, pursuing strategic litigation to secure, publish, and analyze key documents of public interest.

Before law school, Anna earned her Bachelor of Laws from the University of Cambridge. She received a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey, and later worked as a judicial assistant for a Superior Court judge in Georgia.

During her time at Harvard, Anna was a member of Harvard Defenders and an editor for the Civil-Rights Civil-Liberties Law Review. She also wrote for Lawfare as a student contributor, covering state and federal criminal investigations into election interference and unlawful retention of classified documents. Anna graduated cum laude in the class of 2023.