London, United Kingdom

Jitka is a Czech national with a degree in Law and International Politics from Aberystwyth University, UK. She has been awarded a Kaufman Fellowship to work at Legal Action Worldwide. At Harvard Law School, she volunteered as a Board member of the HLS Advocates for Human Rights and as a Student Attorney at the Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project, and worked as a Research Assistant to Naz Modirzadeh at the HLS Program on International Law and Armed Conflict. Prior to matriculating to Harvard, Jitka worked as an intern at the Aberystwyth University David Davies Memorial Institute where she researched issues pertaining to nuclear proliferation and state trust-building in the nuclear age. She was also involved in the Aberystwyth Innocence Project where she and other students, under faculty supervision, worked to help exonerate prisoners who believed to have been wrongly convicted. And finally, Jitka spent a gap year between her second and third year at Aberystwyth as a Civil Servant at the Welsh Government in Cardiff, UK where she mostly worked on administrative and constitutional law/policy issues.