TRIAL International

Geneva, Switzerland

Elisa will be working at TRIAL International in Geneva, Switzerland. At TRIAL she will work as a staff attorney with the Investigations and Criminal Law Division (ICLD), which brings cases against individuals and corporations for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and apartheid. While at Harvard, Elisa participated in the International Human Rights Clinic, where she worked on Mamani et al v. Sánchez de Lozada and Sánchez Berzaín, a federal lawsuit against the former president and Minister of Defense of Bolivia for extrajudicial killings. During her 1L summer, she worked at the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), where she worked on projects with the UN Special Rapporteurs on freedom of expression, independence of judges and lawyers, the right to health, and the right to education. Throughout law school, she also developed an interest in immigration and refugee issues, spending a semester at the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic (HIRC) and her 2L summer at the Immigrants’ Rights Unit of the ACLU of Southern California. Prior to law school, Elisa was a Paralegal at the New York Legal Assistance Group, where she worked on class action lawsuits challenging fraud in for-profit schools and deceitful debt collection practices, among other topics.