Organization Name:  Ali & Lockwood LLP


Project Background: We represent a man who contracted severe meningitis while incarcerated North Carolina, and who suffered from severe negligence/failure to provide adequate medical care. The medical provider in this case contracts with jails and prisons all over the United States and has been involved in many jail/prison deaths, and other egregious misconduct.

Work description and deliverable: We are looking for research (and a written summary of the research) concerning jail and prison deaths or other allegations of misconduct involving this contractor (this will include google searchers, news articles, and court cases).

Prerequisites (courses, languages):  None.

Timeline/Deadline:  mid-November

# of students: 1-2

Estimated total hours: 10-15

Supervisor Name: Katie Ali

Application instructions: Please submit a resume and short (~2-3 sentences) statement of interest to