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What is EIP?

Most 2L summer associate hiring is facilitated through our extensive recruiting program known as the Early Interview Program (EIP), which includes both EIP Preview and EIP Week.

EIP and Preview 2023

EIP Week: will take place virtually from August 1 – 4, 2023. We anticipate over 400 employers will participate and interview primarily 2Ls for summer positions and some 3Ls for full-time positions following graduation.

Preview: 2L students may also choose to participate in EIP Preview and submit their resume and transcript through OCS to up to five EIP participating firms of their choosing in mid-June.

Read the EIP Announcement sent on January 4, 2023

Introduction to EIP

Preparing for Preview and EIP Week

View of a tree-lined two lane highway with no cars on the road. The road had many dips up and down and curves off into the distance.

EIP Roadmap

The EIP Roadmap will guide you step-by-step through your EIP journey – from understanding essential logistics to choosing your firm for 2L summer.

Other Key Pages

Resources for EIP Week

EIP week is here and it’s time focus on the final steps to ensure you put your best foot forward.