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Our International Summer Employment Program provides an opportunity for overseas employers to hire J.D. students interested in working abroad for the summer after their first or second year of law school. Students who have participated in the program in the past have typically performed research, drafted and edited legal documents, and assisted in other law-related tasks.

The Juris Doctor, or J.D. program is the primary law degree in the U.S. and is a three-year graduate degree level study program. In the U.S., one can only enter law school after completing the first (four-year college) university degree in another field. Many of our students have worked for a year or more prior to law school, and would be at least 23 years old during their summer after finishing the first year of law school. In addition, many of our students have specialized in international relations or specific foreign languages during their first university degrees, and many have also studied overseas prior to coming to law school. More information about our J.D. students can be found here.

If your firm or organization is interested in receiving resumes from J.D. students for summer positions, we ask that you complete the ISEP Employer form and return it via e-mail attachment to Stacey Funk, Recruitment & Office Specialist at Once we receive your form, it will be available on-line to students on a password protected website. You may also note if you are interested in hiring our LL.M. students; we are happy to facilitate the collection of resumes and curriculum vitae from our LL.M. students as well.

We recommend that you consider the resumes no later than March 15, because many students will have received and accepted job offers around this time. If you have any other questions about this program, or any other international recruiting at Harvard Law School, please feel free to contact Yih-hsien Shen, Associate Director and Director for JD Advising by e-mail at