To: Employers
From: The Office of Career Services
Subject: Harvard Law School – Recruiting Policies and EIP Dates

Dear Employer:

I am writing to update you with information about the 2023 recruiting season. This year, Harvard’s EIP Week will take place from August 1-4, 2023.

As you know, last year we launched our pilot EIP Preview program (Preview), through which students applied to up to five EIP employers in June. This fall, we consulted with employers and students to get their perspectives on how Preview impacted their recruiting experience. Overwhelmingly, students and employers alike told us that Preview was a great success. Accordingly, we will continue with Preview for the 2023 recruiting season.

The one concern several employers shared with us related to a student’s ability to extend Preview offers until two weeks after EIP Week. While the extension allowed students to participate in both programs and gave them time to evaluate their options, employers felt that it sometimes hindered their ability to recruit effectively.

To address this concern, for 2023, we are modifying our policies to allow students to extend no more than two of their Preview offers. When a student seeks an extension, you will know that your firm is in the top one or two that the student is considering. Additionally, as was the case last year, students may hold open no more than three offers at any given time, whether through Preview or EIP Week. The revised policies for 2023 may be reviewed here.

We hope this change will enhance your recruitment experience and allow you to effectively recruit HLS students through our Preview and EIP programs. Watch for additional information about registering for both programs in early February. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jesse Ohrenberger, Director of Recruitment and Operations, or me. We appreciate your support, welcome your input, and look forward to our continued work together this year.    

Many thanks, and I wish you a healthy and happy 2023. 

Mark Weber   
Assistant Dean for Career Services 
Harvard Law School 

Office of Career Services
4020 Wasserstein Hall (WCC)
1585 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138