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Bloomberg Law provides online access to U.S. federal & state primary law, docket materials, directories, news, proprietary research reports, SEC filings, model forms and contracts, business and litigation intelligence, some foreign law materials, and other resources. Bloomberg Law is especially useful for matters relating to corporate and tax law.

A Bloomberg terminal (related to but separate from Bloomberg Law) is located near the Reference Area of the Library. It provides access to an extensive amount of business information and financial data. For assistance with the Bloomberg Terminal, please contact Lisa Lilliott Rydin at

New: Docket Use Policy

As of 2020, there is a $1,500 per user cap on docket costs accrued each calendar year on Bloomberg Law. Thirty days after you reach this level, your use of the dockets database will be restricted and you will not be able to incur further costs until January 1 of the next year. Once logged into Bloomberg Law, you may track your docket costs by going to My Account > My Dockets Billing. Please contact Research Services or our Bloomberg Law representative, Warda Khan, if you have any questions or would like recommendations for minimizing your accrual of costs.

Requesting a Bloomberg Law Account:

Our license for Bloomberg Law allows us to grant access to HLS faculty (including visiting faculty), HLS staff, and HLS students currently enrolled in either HLS classes or an HLS-sponsored Harvard joint-degree program only. At its discretion, Bloomberg may grant access to HLS visitors, including visiting scholars, researchers, and fellows, as well as students who are cross-enrolled in an HLS course. Bloomberg will generally grant access to HLS faculty research assistants who are not HLS students or staff.

HLS students:

New HLS students will receive the information they need to access Bloomberg Law at the beginning of the fall semester. Returning students should continue using their Bloomberg Law accounts from the previous year. Please contact Research Services (617-495-4516) if you have not received or cannot find this information.

HLS Faculty, visiting faculty, and staff:

HLS faculty (including visiting faculty) and HLS staff may request access to Bloomberg Law by emailing  Research Services from their HLS email accounts. Please include your full name and current position in the text of your message.

Alternatively, you may complete this form to request a Bloomberg Law account.


At its discretion, Bloomberg may grant access to Bloomberg Law to certain HLS visitors (e.g., visiting scholars, researchers, fellows, and non-HLS students who are cross-enrolled in an HLS course). Bloomberg will generally grant access to HLS faculty research assistants who are not current HLS students or staff. Such individuals should email their access request to Research Services and include the following information:

  • Name, telephone number, HLS email address (if you do not have an HLS email account, please explain why)
  • Position at HLS (e.g., Visiting Scholar, Visiting Researcher, Fellow, Cross-enrolled Student, Faculty Research Assistant, etc.)
  • Dates you will be at HLS, including start and end dates (month/year)
  • If you are a research assistant for an HLS faculty member but you are not currently an HLS student or staff, please identify the HLS faculty member for whom you work. If you are a cross-enrolled student, please identify the HLS course in which you are enrolled.

Bloomberg Law Training

The Library sponsors Bloomberg Law introductory, refresher and advanced training sessions at various times during the academic year for students who would like hands-on instruction. The sessions are taught by Bloomberg Law account representatives. Session dates, times, and sign-ups are available at the HLS Library Legal Research Training Calendar.

Contacting Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law Customer Support is available at: 1-888-560-2529

Our Bloomberg Law Account Representative is: Warda Khan,

Help with Bloomberg Law

The Bloomberg Law Help page offers a number of useful guides and other materials and services. You can find it by clicking on the Help link in the drop-down menu under your User Name (after you have logged in) in the upper right corner of the web page.

Please contact Research Services (617-495-4516) if you have any questions.