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Allison Beeman ’22
Commission for International Justice and Accountability, Europe
Conducted research and drafted legal memos and factual reports on transnational/war crimes, including case law research in foreign jurisdictions and open-source research concerning the situations under investigation.

Chetna Beriwala ’22
Greater Boston Legal Services, Massachusetts
Provided direct client services to clients seeking asylum protection, from conducting intake interviews and compiling evidence to drafting memos and briefs in support of their applications, and drafted comments on proposed changes to the U.S. asylum system.

Sam Bookman, S.J.D. candidate
International IDEA, Tunisia
Analyzed the implications and consequences of draft agreements, including suggestions for emendation; developed negotiation exercises for use in interparty dialogue sessions; and conducted other research relating to constitution-building processes in Yemen and Sudan.

Todd Carney ‘21
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, Belgium
Conducted research for and drafted appeals to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights for the release of human rights activists who had been detained in a manner that violates international law.

Lauren Deutsch ‘22
Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa, France
Conducted legal and investigative research and drafted country reports outlining whistleblower laws and protections in African countries.

William Edin ‘22
Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein to the United Nations, United States
In support of Liechtenstein’s Finance against Slavery and Trafficking (FAST) initiative, researched relevant UN resolutions and drafted language for future amendments, as well as language on the impact of COVID-19.

Kimberly Everett ‘22
Clooney Foundation for Justice, United States
Working with the foundation’s TrialWatch team, researched specific cases, as well as legal and political environments and developments, that lead to trials that endanger the free exercise of human rights.

Erika Holmberg ‘22
Greater Boston Legal Services, United States
Prepared legal memoranda and affidavits for clients facing asylum hearings at the Boston immigration court or interviews with USCIS Asylum Officers, and researched applicable precedents relating to proposed changes in US asylum regulations.

Hannah James ‘22
The Sentry, United States
Conducted legal research and analysis, organized and analyzed evidence, and evaluated potential legal avenues for investigation relating to potential corruption in the public procurement sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Stanislaw Krawiecki ‘22
Minority Rights Group International, United Kingdom
Researched and drafted procedural and litigation scoping memos in support of strategic litigation initiatives, and analyzed constitutional minority recognition provisions in various countries as part of a constitutional design project.

Jung Hyun (Monica) Lee ‘22
Advocates for Public Interest Law, South Korea
Drafted an appeal to the UN Human Rights Committee for an individual seeking asylum in Korea; researched case law, country condition reports, and international conventions in support of current cases; and reviewed governmental responses to COVID-19 and their impact on refugees.

Patrick Maxwell ’20 (joint degree candidate)
International Rescue Committee, United States and Kenya
Researched international law and conducted interviews with the NGO’s staff to analyze the factors that encouraged or discouraged cooperation and coordination between project teams working on humanitarian access and protection.

Amre Metwally ‘22
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, France
Researched countries’ artificial intelligence (AI) strategies and policies to determine the best standards for creating national AI strategies and accompanying governance structures, and examined and mapped countries’ regulatory efforts.

Julian Morimoto ‘21
Ateneo De Manila University Human Rights Center, Philippines
Conducted research and drafted comments and memos on notions of citizenship, as they relate to Filipino migrant workers; in support of a petition to the Philippines Supreme Court concerning the country’s new anti-terrorism law; and comparing provisions in ASEAN member countries’ constitutions to counterparts in the Draft ASEAN Declaration of Human Rights.

Ata Nalbantoglu ‘22
New Markets Lab, United States
Researched and drafted a chapter on the “circular economy” for the NGO’s upcoming book on international trade and sustainable development in a post-COVID economy, and explored food, labor and medical supply shortages, and remedies for them, for a UN policy hackathon on the role of trade in rebuilding the international economy.

Mira Naseer 22
Minority Rights Group International, United Kingdom
Working with the NGO’s Strategic Litigation team, conducted legal research and drafted memos in support of active cases before the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

Sherin Nassar ‘22
American Civil Liberties Union of Texas
Researched and drafted legal memos discussing a legal strategy to dispute limited attorney access to detention center detainees, and on voter registration in support of strategic litigation advocating for mail-in voting.

Ji Soo Janet Park ‘22
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), Austria
Conducted legal research and drafted memos and speeches for UN officials, research papers, and sections of UNCITRAL’s Working Papers, and performed comparative analyses of national and international laws and regulations against UNCITRAL’s own rules and model laws.

Krupa Patel ‘22
Rights and Security International (formerly Rights Watch UK), United Kingdom
Conducted legal research and drafted discussion notes and memos for a conference on counterterrorism and human rights in the UN context, and on statelessness, immunity from liability for international crimes committed by UK veterans, and the detention and repatriation of ISIS-affiliated women and children in camps in northeastern Syria.

Noopur Sen ‘22
Asylum Protection Center, Serbia
Conducted country of origin research and drafted legal memos on gender based-violence in Iran, political violence in Pakistan, statelessness in Palestine, and the legal rights of the Baluch minority in Iran, and examined the Right to Life under the European Convention of Human Rights.

Zarka Shabir ‘22
Reprieve, United Kingdom
Researched and drafted legal memos and case studies, including a scoping memo on the use of the death penalty in India-Occupied Kashmir and the possibility of intervention by various international institutions, and a research report on death penalty jurisprudence in Pakistan.

Maria Smith ‘22
Digital Freedom Fund, Germany
Researched the design, deployment, and use of biosurveillance and contact tracing apps across European jurisdictions, to assess potential digital rights challenges in the context of COVID-19, and co-facilitated a session on litigating AI and automated systems at a human rights summit.

Gina Starfield ‘22
Al Otro Lado, Mexico
Working with the NGO’s Border Rights Project, conducted intake interview with asylum seekers returned to Tijuana under the U.S. Migrant Protection Protocol; drafted motions for bond and to change venue for a client; wrote a legal research brief on the legality of deporting and refusing entry to U.S. citizens under the recent COVID border closure; and drafted public comments for proposed federal rule changes.

Rachel Westrate ‘21
Environmental Defense Fund, California
Drafted research memos analyzing aspects of international and domestic law that interact with carbon markets, including EU and U.S. law governing companies’ abilities to make claims about carbon credits, carbon offsets, and carbon neutrality, regulatory schemes for international aviation, and legal liability risks for carbon credit rating agencies.