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Kelsey Annu-Essuman
Foundation for Human Rights Research, Uganda
Researched and drafted a policy brief on the challenges facing juveniles in pretrial detention facilities such as inadequate legal representation and inability to afford bail. Collaborated with local and international interns to design community training programs in underserved neighborhoods of Kampala, with the goal of encouraging youth participation in local public service initiatives.

Daniel Cooper
UNICEF, Thailand
Within UNICEF’s Regional Office for East Asia and the Pacific, provided support to country offices through research on various legal issues related to the rights of children. Conducted a research project on international surrogacy law for the government of Cambodia. Participated in various regional and national workshops and conferences on policy making and children’s rights.

Sarah Deibler
CamASEAN, Cambodia
Engaged in legal research and survey design for projects related to LGBT marriages and gender identities, as well as the impact of the media’s treatment of sex workers. Conducted extensive field work and research on the lack of legal recognition of LGBT persons. Developed and co-led trainings and workshops for CamASEAN colleagues on qualitative research methods.

Hayley Evans
Rights Watch, United Kingdom
Assisted with litigation of two cases: one regarding Freedom of Information Act disclosures related to targeted killings by the UK government, and the other focused on military export licenses granted to Saudi Arabia. Conducted research and developed an overview of the historical trajectory of laws and policies on domestic and supranational institutional frameworks for countering and preventing violent extremism.

Kimberly Grano
Human Rights Now, Japan/Myanmar
Researched and drafted an advocacy report focused on children’s rights and labor rights violations in the fishing industry of Yangon. Wrote a public statement on labor rights violations in Cambodian sportswear factories, and a memo for the Human Rights Now Secretary General related to European legislation enacted to counter online violence against women.

Ha Ryong (Michael) Jung
Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
Within the Pre-Trial Chamber of the Courts, drafted a legal memo on questions related to whether an attack on a state’s own armed forces can qualify as an attack against a civilian population for purposes of establishing crimes against humanity. Researched and compiled jurisprudence across a range of international tribunals, and synthesized previous decisions of the Pre-Trial Chamber into a legal digest database.

Brayden Koslowsky
United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Chile
Drafted a lengthy report on the current state of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) law in the Anglophone Caribbean, dealing with issues such as the legal mechanics of a typical EIA process and how EIA rules and regulations in 13 Caribbean nations contrast with the international legal commitments of those nations. Participated in high-level “Principle 10” negotiations related to access to information, involvement in decision-making, and access to justice regarding environmental matters.

Daniel Levine-Spound
Regroupement des Acteurs Ivoiriens des Droits de l’Homme, Côte d’Ivoire
Produced an in-depth report on international and regional laws pertaining to forced evacuations as they relate to Côte d’Ivoire’s efforts to clear inhabited areas in protected forests. Developed an overview and analysis of the transnational justice mechanism implemented by the Ivorian government and its international partners since the conclusion of the 2010 civil war. Participated in regional conferences related to deforestation.

Allena Martin
Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migracion, Mexico
Worked on immigration and identity cases related to U visas and Violence Against Women Act petitions for Mexican women who had been victims of domestic violence in the United States. Researched policies and procedures for obtaining a birth certificate in all 50 U.S. states as part of a broader advocacy project designed to make obtaining and/or correcting a birth certificate from abroad simpler and more transparent.

Natalie McCauley
International IDEA, Tunisia
Conducted comparative constitutional research related to controversial aspects of Yemen’s 2015 draft constitution such as the creation of a federal state and natural resource revenue allocation.  Participated in meetings and workshops for Yemeni lawyers and politicians.

Terrence Neal
International Energy Agency, France
Wrote a memorandum on treaty compliance. Drafted licensing agreements for the use of greenhouse gas emissions data compiled by the IEA. Researched the IEA’s compliance practices with Governing Board decisions and international environmental protections agreements.

Lisandra Novo
Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Costa Rica
Worked on a summary of facts and legal arguments contained in the main pleadings of a case before the Court. Researched Court jurisprudence for an internal legal issues framework document.

Madeleine O’Neill
Migrants’ Rights Clinic, Israel
Carried out research for an amicus brief submitted to the High Court of Justice on the particular vulnerability of asylum-seeking women and children to poverty and abuse. Examined parental abductions under the Hague Convention and created guidelines for the Israeli Ministry of the Interior on avoiding abductions during deportations. Conducted comparative research on dehumanizing practices used against asylum seekers.

Alyssa Oravec
Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights
Conducted legal research on human rights issues related to: enforced disappearances, immigration and refugees, LGBT+ rights, emergency medical treatment, censorship, torture, and police conduct. Wrote a policy paper on advocacy efforts to reduce the prevalence of child marriages. Assisted in the preparation of strategic litigation leading up to the fall 2018 elections.

Ratana (Kevin) Patumwat
European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, United Kingdom
Produced an article for publication on competition authorities and cooperation agreements in the Western Balkans. Analyzed and evaluated a member country’s overhaul of its commercial law system. Researched and compiled a set of best practices on climate governance for the Bank’s international advocacy efforts.

Elisa Quiroz
United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Switzerland
Within the Special Procedures Branch, drafted communications to States regarding human rights abuses. Prepared country assessments in advance of  fact-finding missions. Researched and wrote thematic reports on human rights issues for the Human Rights Council and General Assembly.

Philip Stachnik
Southern Africa Litigation Centre, South Africa
Advocated for access to antiretroviral treatment for HIV-positive, pre-trial detainees in Malawi. Developed strategies to compel the domestication of international criminal justice treaties in a variety of Sub-Saharan African states. Researched enforcement mechanisms for women’s land rights in the face of dispossession attempts by international land mining companies.

Natalie Trigo Reyes
Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Mexico
Led a major advocacy campaign related to NAFTA re-negotiations and the impact on migrant workers’ rights. Traveled to Washington, DC to provide strategic support during the NAFTA hearings, meetings with CDM partners, and Congressional briefings. Researched, wrote, and published a blog for CDM’s migrant worker platform explaining the significance of the NAFTA modernization process on migrant workers’ rights and encouraging participation through the public comments process.

Mihret Woldesemait
Women’s Legal Centre, South Africa
Participated in weekly litigation meetings to review the standing of on-going cases and make strategic decisions about taking on new cases based on their potential for wider impact on constitutional reform.  Conducted research on sexual assault law in South Africa and comparative approaches to campus sexual assault law in the US and the UK. Planned a workshop on the decriminalization of sex work in South Africa.