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In addition to taking the necessary steps to ensure your personal safety while traveling abroad, you should review and follow Harvard University’s guidelines on information security and other useful tips on protecting your computer and your data.

Best Practices

Harvard’s Data Classification Guide provides guidance on the relative sensitivity of different types of data. You should consider the kinds of data you have stored on cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices that you are traveling with and plan for the protection of that data using the best practices listed below.

High Risk Confidential

  • Do not store on your local hard disk or portable device.
  • Consult with Information Technology Services if you are working with HRCI in any way.
  • Review remote access options with Information Technology Services.

Confidential and Internal Confidential

  • Ensure appropriate controls are in place to protect your information
  • Use a secure method to transmit your information.
  • Secure hardcopy records.
  • Have a legitimate Harvard business use for your data.


  • Use strong non-shared passwords.
  • Change passwords if you suspect compromise.
  • Do not store HRCI on your computer.
  • Securely dispose of Harvard information per regulatory requirements and University policy.

For Questions and Consultation

Please contact HLS Information Technology Services at 617-495-0722 or online via the HLS Administrative Services Hub.