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All HLS Housing residents are required to purchase personal property insurance. This is an additional charge each semester on your HU student account.

The charge for the 2024-2025 academic year is $54 per semester; charged in July for fall and in December for spring. This charge is not prorated regardless of when your room assignment begins or ends at HLS Housing.

Covered Property

  • $7,500 limit:
    • Electronics (iPads, stereo equipment, TVs, cameras, etc.)
    • Cellphones
    • Computers
    • Text Books
    • Clothes
  • $2,000 limit:
    • Bikes
    • Jewelry
    • Musical Instruments

Coverage Scope

Whether you’re on campus, off campus, or traveling abroad, our student policy has you covered.

The policy covers most causes of property loss, including accidental damage and theft. If you have a total loss of an item, coverage will pay you for a new item of like quality, no matter how old it is.


  • How do I file a claim?

    To file a claim:

    1. Go to the CSI Insurance – Harvard Law School website
    2. Click “File Your Claim Online Now” at the bottom of that page
    3. The personal property policy number is “PF7H-RFP9”
    4. The password is “Harvardlaw1”
  • What is the claims procedure?

    In the event of property theft or damage, log in online using the HLS policy credentials (see above). Find the link to “File Your Claim” and answer all of the empty fields in the online claim form before submitting your claim. This will open a claim directly in AJG’s system and you will receive a confirmation email that will include detailed instructions on the next steps to complete your claim for settlement.

    AJG will process your claim as quickly as possible.

    • Report any burglary or theft to the police immediately. Ask for a copy of their report.
    • Protect any damaged property from further damage – Do not dispose of it until your claim has been processed.
    • If you have access to a digital camera, take pictures of the damaged property; email the images to AJG. Always include your complete contact information and policy number with the claim information.
    • If you do not have a digital camera, take regular photos (disposable cameras are cheap and easy to use) and attach them to your written claim.
    • Gather all of your receipts, credit card statements or other proofs of purchase or ownership for each damaged or stolen item.
    • Email digital pictures to

    Claims are typically settled within 2-4 weeks after all documents have been provided.

  • What is a deductible?

    Your deductible is the amount that you owe towards your claim before the policy begins coverage. For this policy, the deductible is always $25.

    For example; You drop your iPhone and it costs $100 to repair your screen. You will be responsible for the $25 deductible and the policy will cover the remaining $75.

    Keep this in mind when filing smaller claims, as if the claim is for something worth less than $25, the policy will have nothing to cover.

  • Is it OK to file multiple claims?

    If you truly need to use your policy for multiple situations, you are welcome to, as your coverage is up to $7,500. Please keep in mind that the insurance company carefully reviews each individual claim and will notify the Housing Coordinator of any excessive, inappropriate or questionable claims.

    You will also notice that the charge for our plan decreased by $10 from last year. This is because HLS students have used their policies responsibly!

  • Can I file a claim for something that happened off campus?

    Yes. You can file a claim for something that happened anywhere in the world while you are under the policy.

  • I am a international student here on a Visa. Am I eligible for personal property insurance?

    Yes! All HLS Housing residents are not only eligible, but are required to have the policy. This includes international students.

  • Other questions?

    If you have more questions, please visit the CSI Insurance – Harvard Law School website for a list of more frequently asked questions.

How to File a Claim

It is recommended that you read through the FAQs on this page before filing.

  1. Visit the CSI Insurance – Harvard Law School website
  2. Click “File Your Claim Online Now” at the bottom of that page
  3. The personal property policy number is “PF7H-RFP9”
  4. The password is “Harvardlaw1”