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If you can’t find the answer to your question, reach out to HLS Housing by email.

Housing Application Process

  • When do current students apply for the new academic year housing?

    Current HLS students living in HLS Housing will receive a housing application announcement in late March.

    The full application, lottery and room selection process happens in April.

  • What if I want to live with another HLS student?

    HLS Housing has several multi-room options for HLS students to live together for the academic year:

    • Hastings Hall – Two-bedroom suites
    • 1637 Mass Avenue – Two-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom efficiency suites (available exclusively for 2L, 3L J.D, and S.J.D.)
    •  Mellen Street – Three-bedroom house (available exclusively for 2L, 3L J.D, and S.J.D.)
    • 5 Mellen Street – Five-bedroom house (available exclusively for 2L, 3L J.D, and S.J.D.)

    During the housing application process you can either create a group or join an established group.  When room selection opens the group member with the earliest lottery time slot may assign members of their group to the suite/apartment they choose.

    All members of the group must sign their own room license agreement/apartment lease.

    To learn more about groups and suitemates please check the Groups & Suitemates page.

Returning to HLS Housing

  • What if I previously lived in HLS Housing and want to return?

    Students who previously lived in HLS Housing and would like to return may join the in-room returners for room selection in April if they have checked-out for one of the following reasons:

    • a study abroad program
    • on an LOA

    Please contact HLS Housing with a request to join April’s room selection.

    If the reasons above do not apply to you, you may apply to HLS Housing on June 1st with all other general applicants.

Room Selection

  • Can I return to my current room?