Devi Rao

Lecturer on Law

Winter 2021

c/o OAA

Assistant: Miriam Silva / 617-496-1755


Devi M. Rao is Supreme Court and Appellate Counsel at the MacArthur Justice Center. She briefs and argues important civil rights and criminal justice issues in federal appeals courts across the country.

Prior to joining the MacArthur Justice Center, Devi was a partner in the Supreme Court and Appellate practice at Jenner & Block LLP, where she briefed and argued cases in the appellate courts, and practiced before the U.S. Supreme Court. While at Jenner, Devi maintained a robust pro bono practice, including representing medical and mental health groups as amici curiae in courts around the country—including in cases brought by incarcerated individuals—regarding the medically-accepted standard of care for gender dysphoria. Devi has also worked on criminal justice issues more broadly, such direct criminal appeals, amici briefs relating to criminal appeals and criminal justice issues, sentencing and parole issues, and Section 1983 cases regarding conditions of confinement.

Devi previously served as a law clerk for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court and for Judge M. Margaret McKeown on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Between her clerkships, Devi served as a Skadden Fellow at the National Women’s Law Center, where her work focused on using Title IX to combat sex-based discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

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c/o OAA

Assistant: Miriam Silva / 617-496-1755