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Harvard Law School Executive Education has close relationships with key collaborators and partners to ensure we bring up-to-date research and expertise to you through our programs.

By applying insights and teachings from across Harvard Law School in the best, most successful learning environment available, HLS Executive Education seeks to have an enduring impact upon the global legal profession.

Center on the Legal Profession

The Center on the Legal Profession (CLP) seeks to make a substantial contribution to the modern practice of law by increasing understanding of the structures, norms, and dynamics of the global legal profession. The Center on the Legal Profession:

  • Conducts, sponsors, and publishes world-class empirical research on the profession;
  • Innovates and implements new methods and content for teaching law students, practicing lawyers, and related professionals about the profession; and
  • Fosters broader and deeper connections bridging between the global universe of legal practitioners and the academy.

The Practice Digital Magazine

Bridging academic research and practical advice, our research partner, the Center on the Legal Profession, produces a digital magazine, The Practice. Highlighting the most critical topics and issues facing the global legal profession, this bi-monthly, subscription-based magazine offers thoughtful analysis and perspectives on the legal profession for a global audience based on CLP’s groundbreaking empirical research.

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Harvard Law School Case Development Initiative

The Harvard Law School Case Development Initiative (CDI) is a world leader in bringing real life situations to classroom settings for the rigorous, research-based discussion and debate that forms the core of our Executive Education programs.  With a team of expert interviewers and case writers, CDI uses interviews, data and research to develop written and video summaries of leadership, strategic and organizational issues facing lawyers and legal organizations. In our case-based classrooms, participants become situation-based problem solvers by analyzing case studies, identifying key challenges and developing appropriate strategies to resolve them.

HLS cases are intended for use in a variety of settings including law schools, business schools, executive education, and in-house programs. The cases can be purchased through the Harvard Law School Case Studies website. This initiative is partially funded by a generous grant from Dechert LLP.

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The Program on International Financial Systems

The Program on International Financial Systems (PIFS) hosts virtual and in-person international symposia, regulatory training programs, and special events that foster dialogue and promote education on issues impacting the global financial system. PIFS also conducts research on these issues.

PIFS was founded in 1986, by Hal S. Scott, now Professor Emeritus of Harvard Law School. Over thirty years later, Hal Scott continues to lead PIFS.

Today, PIFS hosts three annual international symposia, US-Japan (25 years), US-Europe (20 years), and US-China (19 years). Harvard Law School is a non-financial sponsor of PIFS symposia and PIFS collaborates with Harvard Law School Executive Education on certain training programs for regulators.

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