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An ambitious plan to build a cable car to the Old City in Jerusalem is now underway. Departing from the western commercial area of the city, it is designed to commute thousands of visitors every hour to Jewish Heritage Sites including the Western Wall. The ideological, political and distributional struggles surrounding the project are numerous. […]

Israel’s low-interest environment has created an incentive for “alternative investments” in online trading platforms and while these platforms raised hundreds of millions of dollars from Israeli investors in the last decade, they did so based on false promises of imaginary interest rates. The initial lack of regulatory oversight in the field created fertile ground for […]

The vow, or neder, is ubiquitous in the Hebrew Bible, found in poetry and wisdom literature, stories and laws. Even sometime-readers of the Bible will have encountered it in the stories of Jacob, Hannah, and Jepthah; in Psalms and Proverbs, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The third century Mishnah devotes an entire tractate to it and stories […]

The Rabbinical Jewish endowments are properties dedicated to specific public causes by individuals over the past 250 years. Among these causes are hospitals, yeshivas, synagogues, and many welfare and social causes. With the skyrocketing property value increase, the assets are now worth many billions of dollars. In 2018 I was the first female who entered […]

Historical inevitability is not a popular notion among scholars. Yet there is little debate that the rise of Israeli parliamentarian Itamar Ben Gvir and his far-right party has brought Meir Kahane, maligned Jewish militant and ousted Knesset member, back into focus. Is this an aberration or can we say it was predictable? How are Kahane […]