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Interested in international government work but not necessarily in serving as a Foreign Service Officer or Attorney for the State Department? Many lawyer roles at the Department of Justice, Department of Treasury, and elsewhere in the federal government involve addressing complex global issues, working closely with foreign counterparts, and of course, international travel – both short and long term. Join OPIA for a community discussion with Wasserstein Fellow Michelle Morales, who has made it a point in her career to take on several such roles. Michelle will shed light on how to identify opportunities in the federal sector with a global scope, which ones may be the best fit for your interests, and how to best position yourself to get them.

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Join OPIA for a community discussion with international human rights lawyer and Wasserstein Fellow-in Residence María Cecilia Ercole.

In a tumultuous world facing a backlash on human rights, legal practitioners can make a real difference. Like many public interest practice areas, there is no set formula to land a job in human rights and the start of your career can feel disorienting (no google maps available!) but the possibilities are immense and rewarding. Drawing on her own career experiences with the United Nations and in nonprofits, Cecilia will shed light on the prospects and challenges of working in international human rights, and the breath of possible career choices in this field.

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In every professional role I’ve had, at least 33% of my energy has gone to internal equity efforts. That’s meant having hard conversations about how isms and inequities show up in internal policies and practices, working to create equitable policies through a union contract, and creating supportive spaces for traditionally underrepresented folks, to name a few. Let’s talk about how inequities show up in public interest spaces and what we can do to create just workplaces.

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Join OPIA for a community discussion with Wasserstein Fellow Lucy Pittman, an Assistant Attorney General in the Office of the Solicitor General for the District of Columbia. Lucy will discuss her career path through local/state government practice. She will compare the roles of agency counsel (who advise officials on policy, legislation, and governmental services) with the roles of litigation counsel (who represent the government and its officials at both the trial and appellate levels). She will share her insights on the joys and challenges of these varied practice settings, the personality and skill sets that are well-suited for those roles, and review practical tips for students wanting to practice in these settings.

Join Wasserstein Fellow and Labor Lawyer Bart Sheard as he discusses different career paths to support workers’ collective action and fight for better wages and working conditions. Labor movement work includes numerous roles each suited to meet related but discrete needs. Whether through government, legislation, administrative agencies or the courts, there are fantastic opportunities to fight for progress and workers’ rights. Learn what roles might be best suited to your interests and work style, and how to prepare for a successful career as a labor lawyer.

Come listen to Wasserstein Fellow Chiquisha (Keisha) Robinson’s journey from a young Black girl, raised in Boston’s Roxbury and Dorchester neighborhoods, to becoming a top public defender in Public Defender Service’s trial, parole, and community divisions, as well as a community leader, and a nationally recognized criminal justice expert. Discover how she identified her passions, strengths, and talents and leverages them for transformational change on behalf of her clients and community. She will reveal the keys to unlocking your greatest potential and balancing it all: identity – self care – family – motherhood – and career ambition. Lunch provided. RSVP!

Think that transactional law is just for the private sector? Think again! Join OPIA for a community discussion with Wasserstein Fellow Taylor James, Senior Staff Attorney of the Community Development Project at The Legal Aid Society. Taylor will discuss how transactional law can contribute to economic justice, equitable development, expanded access to resources for small business owners, and other social justice goals. Come learn about what organizations are doing this work, and what skills and experiences will prepare you to have a fulfilling transactional law career in the public sector.

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Join OPIA for a community discussion with Wasserstein Fellow Alessandro Terenzoni, who is Deputy Director of the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs. Alessandro will take you behind the scenes of hiring for government service and other public interest jobs and what really goes through hiring officials’ minds as they’re looking at your resume, reading your cover letter, and hearing your answers to interview questions. Alessandro has hired legal interns and attorneys across the public interest community, including at three government agencies, and will candidly answer your burning questions about the hiring process and how decision makers choose the perfect candidate for a position with their agency or organization. Lunch provided. RSVP below.